Lifestyles of the Rich and Gameless: Part 3

Sat, 02/07/2016

I’ve been at the top of my field for over 10 years now,
and I’ve made some money doing it.

But I don’t use that money to get girls, because I know
I do way better when money is not a factor.

Read on and see how looking broke but cool can land you
tons of hot pussy:

First, when money is a factor, women have a whole
different set of behaviors. They become opportunistic.
They think about how they can take advantage of me.

I prefer to use the same game I used when I was broke
because it makes women worship me. They love to please
me sexually and they want to show me that they can be my
perfect girlfriend.

This is completely different from how women respond
around the Rich and Gameless.

But don’t take my word for it, read the New York Times
article where women talked about how Donald Trump made
unwelcome advances…

It’s a collection of awkward and embarrassing encounters
where the women say things like “Oh my god, gross!”

So what does better than Rich and Gameless?

…A little something I like to call “Broke and

Dating is a game of stereotypes. When you meet a woman,
she takes a quick look at you and puts you in a

This whole process takes about 3 seconds. In those 3
seconds she decides on her entire plan- whether she is
attracted to you, how long she will wait to have sex
with you, whether she will pursue a relationship with
you or just bang you no strings attached.

In some cases she will immediately decide to never EVER
have sex with you, but to use you for other things she
needs. If you’ve ever liked a woman then been used by
her, you know exactly what I’m saying.

I feel really bad for Donald Trump. He’s worked very
hard and been quite successful.

What an embarrassment to be called “gross” and

He was just trying to get laid and get women to like
him, no different than you or me or the millions of
other men out there.

The problem is simple:

The women STEREOTYPED him as a heartless loser who can’t
attract or relate to women. They are willing to interact
with him in order to get ahead in life, but those
interactions just further reinforced the Rich and
Gameless stereotype they had of him to begin with.

When you’re Broke and Interesting, women have no reason
to try to use you, and they can’t stereotype you as
Gameless, so they will usually give you a fair shot.

The main way to accomplish this is to choose a clothing
style that reflects an interesting lifestyle. Here’s a
list of sexy stereotypes women are attracted to, with
links to pictures-


Bearded skinny guy

Punk rocker

Boy next door

Take a good look and pick one.

By the way…

…Older guys can do all of these styles too.

For more in depth research, more pictures, and a simple
how-to guide, pick up my Fashion Bible.

Talk soon,

Brad P.