She said “you look funny and dress weird”…

Tue, 12/07/2016

If you listen with critical discernment, there is A LOT
you can learn from women.

So pay attention to what they say.

Here’s a perfect example:

I stumbled across this great article, written by a
woman, about why men aren’t getting laid.

You can read the whole article here…

She completely back ups everything I’ve been teaching
you guys about developing your game and creating

Let’s just take her main points (In her own words)

1. “You look funny and dress weird.”

I love the way she phrases things. She makes a great
point that you have made your entire first impression on
a woman within the first sixty seconds of meeting her.

That is absolutely true. That’s why one of the
foundational things I teach guys is to get their fashion
and their identity dialed in.

If you haven’t done this yet, get my Fashion Bible.

2. “You’re expectations for what you think you should
have are whack.”

She’s talking to fat slobs and guys with bad teeth who
think they are entitled to date super models.

Look, YOU don’t need to be a muscle-bound super model,
but how well you take care of yourself speaks directly
to identity and fashion.

No woman is going to give a shit about a guy who doesn’t
care about himself.

3. “You make stupid conversation.”

This one is hilarious. And she is talking to all those
guys out there who like to do “direct” or “natural”
game, or have no game at all. They’re making fools of
themselves, and more importantly, they are TURNING WOMEN

You need to stretch yourself and learn routines. Learn
openers. You need to know how to approach and escalate
with a woman.

That’s how you avoid coming off as needy and start
building REAL attraction.

Trust me…

She WANTS you to know how to do this!

4. “You’re a bitter angry misogynist.”

Guys who don’t work on dating skills end up sexually
frustrated and brain damaged.

Remember that Instagram account with all the bitter
angry losers?

Check it out here if you forgot…

When you are confident, getting laid and can talk to any
woman you want, you’ll have a relaxed energy and women
will love talking to you.

That should be your goal.

5. “You’re a cheap, stingy ass, or broke man.”

Well first, you shouldn’t be taking her out and buying
her dinner until you’ve fucked her on like 5 different

…That’s where these guys go wrong. They’re playing the
old “I buy you dinner, you have sex with me” game (which
puts pressure on the woman), and then they get cheap on
paying for the dinner.

It’s like they’re inept and being inept. And then they
get called cheap on top of it.

Build attraction and turn her on IMMIDIATELY.

Forget dinner altogether.

I’ve got a product to deal with each of these issues at
the very bottom of this page. If you haven’t gotten
started yet, have at it.

And stop doing dumb shit that women end up writing about
in blogs.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS. – If you’re looking for a suggestion where to start,
check out my Black Book Method. It’s literally everything
you need under one roof to give your sex life a massive
jump start.