The Best News You’ve Gotten All Day…

Mon, 18/07/2016

Political correctness is destroying sex lives

You can’t say anything without offending someone it

Several times I’ve mentioned sexual consent training on
college campuses.

This is where men are taught to ask permission every
step of the way.

The people who are going to be the most affected by all
of this sexual consent training are men.

Particularly the beta-ized men out there, which make up
about 98% of the male population.

You see, women will go to these sexual consent rape
trainings, and listen and take notes, and they COMPLETELY
DISREGARD everything they heard when sexy time comes.

But these beta nice guys will actually try to do it and
they’ll botch the escalation worse than ever before.

They’re going to start asking goofy shit like, “is it ok
for me to touch you there”, and it will completely break
the girls state and ruin the escalation.

After more and more ruined attempts to get sex they will
get bad attitudes and form avoidance behaviors towards
women, leaving more chicks for the rest of us.

The gap between alpha males and beta males will become
bigger than ever if this catches on.

And that’s great for us.

Guys like us, who are constantly improving our game,
have access to all the right information to know exactly
what the hell to do and to say to get ALL the pussy that
the rest of these beta chumps are leaving on the table.


Women don’t know what the hell they want from moment to
moment during escalation, so you sure as hell can’t ask

And when you do, you completely break her state.

But when you’re in this inner circle you’ll know
everything you need to get her right to the “Yes, please
fuck me now” stage.

If you don’t know how to talk to women yet, you canget started right here by watching my short video.

It won’t be long before you’re in that 2% of men that
are getting all the pussy that your beta chump friends
are only dreaming about.

Talk soon,

Brad P.