The “Look” That Tells You She’s on the Prowl

Wed, 20/07/2016

Some things are so damned easy, that we feel like we
need to make them difficult and complicated.

Like finding women on dating apps that are down to fuck.

That’s, like, the easiest thing ever.

Did you know…

There are specific words in a woman’s online dating
profile that literally SCREAM that she’s looking for

These are words that all women unknowingly use that are
basically advertising that she’s horny and wants to get

…And once you know how to spot these, sleeping with a
woman on the first date becomes the rule not the

And going even further…

YOU can use these words in your messages to women to
compel them to write back to you.

Wanna see how?

I have collected vast amounts of unbiased hard data to
figure out what does and does not work with online

I have tested this method relentlessly “in the trenches”
of online dating sites.

I only made it into a program when I was absolutely
certain that it worked for pretty much everybody.

I created all my programs that way.

That’s why my students totally KICK ASS.

And this is one of my best.

I’ve had guys use this thing and get so back logged with
pussy they had to shut down or temporarily suspend their

You see, online dating is the best way to go. You have
access to literally 100’s more women than you would
approaching out in public.

And with this method you can go to that fertile market
and create a dating profile that makes these women
desperate to meet you…

…And have women hoping for sex with YOU on the first

…And you even get entire sequences of messages that
you can just copy and paste.

It is literally that easy.

Click here to use the “Vortex Effect” on any womanyou want.

Talk soon,

Brad P.