An Ounce of Confidence is Worth a Pound of Technique

Tue, 23/08/2016

An ounce of confidence is worth a pound of technique.

I don’t think anyone has ever said that before, it’s a
Brad P. original.

You heard it here first, and trust me…

…It’s absolutely true.

You’ve heard me and a lot of the other dating coaches
talk about confidence, probably to the point that it
gets a little clich?.

But I’ve seen naturals who don’t know the first thing
about technique or theory, pick up women in record speed
because they are so confident and their frame is so
powerful, that the women buy into it immediately.

That’s pretty fucking attractive to women.

In fact, lets look at male confidence from a woman’s

Imagine you are a girl for a second and you’re in some
bar drinking with your girlfriends.

Guys come up to you all the time, some with decent game
but some with boring “So what are you drinking?” game.


Predictable. Boring. She’d rather be home on the couch
petting her three cats.

What would it take for a guy to be different and grab
your attention?

What is the one thing that would tell you a guy knows
what he’s doing, has probably fucked a lot of girls, and
can give you both emotional and physical pleasure?

Unapologetic boldness.

Let me elaborate with a personal story:

I was at a bar when I started talking to a cute girl. I
sat down on a bar stool to face her so that our legs
were touching.

After ten minutes of conversation, I made it seem like I
just noticed her bracelets and started touching them.
Then I saw a spot on her jeans where some of her drink
spilled, and started “rubbing” it out.

She quickly hit my hand away.

I pretended nothing happened and continued the
conversation. Then five minutes later I started poking
her thigh while she was talking.

That’s when she started giving commentary on my

“I saw you here the other night talking to girls. I have
a feeling you hit on a lot of girls and you do this all
the time.”

I just said I was “outgoing” and “friendly,” with a
smirk of course.

She knows that this is what I do, that I hit on girls
like herself every night. But she cannot tell her brain
to stop feeling attraction for a desirable man.

I am a desirable male because she THINKS I do this all
the time and that I’m successful at it.

And she thinks I do this all the time simply because I’m
touching her early and in ways other guys are too scared
to do.

Do you see how this works?

I made out with her before I got her number, after a
total time of thirty minutes or so of talking to her.

…Keep in mind this was from a girl who hit my hand
away when I started touching her.

Being bold screams confidence, because it tells the girl
that you are NOT AFRAID and have done this before. She
will think…

“Who does he think he is touching me so early in the

“Look how close his face is getting to mine. What makes
him think he will kiss me tonight?”

The answer in her head will be something like, “Because
he knows what he’s doing and has succeeded at it

And here’s the beautiful part: she will have no idea
what your past is and no idea how many women you really
did sleep with (or didn’t).

All it takes is one trait–boldness–to be the man she
wants to sleep with right now.

An ounce of confidence is worth a pound of technique.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – You want to learn about the “Boldness Handbook”?

Watch my short video.