Don’t Do It, Don’t Do It…

Sat, 13/08/2016

You know what the number one mistake that is made by all
untrained guys?

Giving women compliments.

I was having drinks with a hot female friend of mine
last week…

She was talking about creepy compliments that she gets
from guys.

She listed things like objectifying, approval seeking,
and being annoying as the way a lot of women receive
compliments from men.

She’s absolutely right.

Women are tired of guys complimenting them all the time
and showing sexual neediness.

It makes them want to run the other way.

You know what I always do instead?

…Compliment her friends.

Yes, I realize it sounds counter-intuitive. But…

…It works because it makes your target girl want to
seek your approval by activating her competitive streak.

If you’re complimenting her friends then she will
automatically want your approval too.


It’s a knee jerk reaction that she can’t even help.

Female psychology is fun.

It’s knowing the tricks like this that make all the
difference and truly makes getting laid a fun and easy

You know…

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Talk soon,

Brad P.