She’s Looking for a Lay, Not a Boyfriend…

Mon, 08/08/2016

Hi it’s Brad,

In this newsletter, I’m going to remind you that girls
love sex as much as you do and if you go making too much
out of it, you could ruin an otherwise great hookup.

I have a letter from the mailbag from a guy who is doing
exactly that.

This is Glen:


“I met this girl who just turned 20.

She was fitting me for a tux and we hit it off right

The first night we hung out I made out with her briefly,
after which she said she couldn’t continue because she
has a boyfriend.

I believe he is like 30 something and rich. I am not at
all discouraged; she is young and should know that her
current relationship won’t last.

We are closer in age and I can imagine this would be
easy as pie if it were not for the rich dude. She seems
to like him, or at least wouldn’t cheat on him the first
time we hung out.

I am pretty sure I can make this happen, but I am
worried if I continue the full court press she might
start feeling bad and view me as a pervert (aka man).

But I am not going to just act like I want to be friends
with her, cause that is just dishonest.

Any prudent advice on this subject?”


My answer for Glen:

All right, the mistake you are making is trying to come
across as a REPLACEMENT for her boyfriend.

This is a big no-no.

She is less in the market for a boyfriend than a girl
who is single, so you’re trying to sell her a nice juicy
steak when she’s actually a vegetarian.

What you have to do is ruthlessly go for the lay, and by
ruthless I mean you get her out on innocent-sounding
dates so she doesn’t have to think she’s “cheating.” And
then you take it to the next level while on that date.

Use the rinse and repeat method of escalation that we
talked about last week.

You’re doing well with the hookup but now it seems like
you are blowing it by valuing her too much and perhaps
unconsciously thinking YOU want to be the new boyfriend.

Fuck that.

Get her in bed; play a little hot and cold, and then let
her come to you.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS. – Glen, and any other guy who’s ever found himself
in this predicament needs to watch this eye opening video now.