The Kind of Guy that Women Chase…

Thu, 11/08/2016

Independence, freedom, taking your balls back…

…It seems to be a running theme in the world today.

I mean here at home there is a push by many to make
America great again and Great Britain just voted to
leave the European Union…

…Kind of the ultimate break up.

For some, the decision of Britain to break away from the
EU is a bad thing for the economy.

For others, it is the start of doing things purely the
British way once again.

(Bear with me, this is going to tie in with getting laid
real soon, I didn’t suddenly become a political

It lost a little bit of independence once it was secure
in the arms of the EU.

It thought that the EU was everything in its life.

The money, the strength in numbers, and all the security
of having someone else in your life.

Britain lost itself in the relationship…

(See where I’m going with this yet?)

…A relationship that, it knew fully well, would not
last forever.

Britain became a little too dependent.

Many hated that.

But with great strength of will, it broke away from the

And hopefully, Britain will find itself in the

…And become STRONG again.

What does this have to do with you?

Here’s a quick story…

I once had a client who was specifically looking for a

The guy was good looking and confident in every way…

…So what did he need me for?

He told me that he just couldn’t lock in a girlfriend.

He seems to be able to attract women at first, but they
find him boring in just few weeks.

I asked him a few questions to get to the root of the

And I found out that he transforms from a sexy,
mysterious stranger into an irritating man-child once he
is in a relationship.

When things start getting serious, he becomes needy and
he pours his guts out a few weeks into the relationship.


You actually need to be the exact opposite…

…Be the man that women obsess over.

Be independent.

Stay masculine and powerful even in the relationship.

Always be vigilant and eagle eyed because she jumped
into this relationship because she likes YOU.

She doesn’t want you to change into a needy little

That feels oppressive – just like membership in the
European Union.

If the relationship feels heavy and meddling, she’ll
want to assert her independence too.

So remember this:

If it’s a relationship you want, don’t make it your

Have a life outside of the relationship.

So many guys in relationships don’t think they need to
learn game.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

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Women should be chasing you – not running away.

Talk soon,

Brad P.