The Seducers Most Overlooked Secret Weapon

Mon, 22/08/2016

Hey it’s Brad,

Let me ask you a quick question:

How do you communicate with the women 90% of the time?

Seriously, think about it –

The hottie you met last night…

That friend with benefits you bang once in a while…

Your buddy’s girlfriend who can’t keep her hands off you
because you have such tight game…

When they’re not right in front of your face, how do you
talk to them?


(If you answered phone, you’re still living in the 90’s)

…So unless you’ve been under a rock for the last
decade, you probably have a smartphone and you know that
texting is the number one way chicks like to

They almost never pick up calls.

…But they do look at texts (even when they don’t

Texting is a major part of seduction. Without tight
text game, you’re not getting laid.

And think about the the return on investment –

With a few simple, well placed text messages, you can
get women thinking about YOU getting their pussies moist
and ready to go all day long.

If only there was a dating expert who figured out
exactly how to leverage texting in a way that ANY GUY
could do it…

…Oh wait, THERE IS.

Many of my clients already know that there is kind of an
ultimate handbook on how to seduce women using nothing
but text.

It’s called Textual Chemistry. I wrote it.


What if you could follow a few simple instructions, send
a few texts, and then when she comes over, she wants you
so bad, she damn near knocks you over.

That would make life a lot easier and more fun, wouldn’t

My field-tested method is specifically designed to get
you tapping into her secret sexual fantasies.

You are setting emotional bait that she is genetically
programmed to respond to.

Sounds a little unfair doesn’t it?

It is.


Talk soon,

Brad P.