What She Really Means by “Nice Guy”

Sun, 28/08/2016

There are some stark realities that men today are

Most of us are now primarily raised by female teachers
and mothers.

Young boys just aren’t getting much time with adult male
role models.

Because of this, we get a totally warped idea of what
“being nice” means, and it is a set of FEMALE social

Here is what that looks like:

Be cooperative, be submissive, be a team player, don’t
rock the boat, don’t speak up too much, do whatever you
can to please others, and you will be rewarded in the

THAT is what our mothers and teachers mean when they say
“you should be nice when you get to school. Be nice to
the other kids. Be nice to your grandmother” and things
like that.

But something you must understand is this:

When you switch to the dating context, women say “I want
a nice guy” and this has a TOTALLY DIFFERENT MEANING!

I can’t stress this enough to you.

The meaning of the word “nice” now has no resemblance to
the meaning we grew up with. It might as well be a
completely different word.

Now I’m going to give you the definition of the word
“nice” as used by women in the context of dating and

(This is fairly complex, so try to keep an open mind.)

A “nice guy” is a guy who she is already attracted to.
She wants this guy BADLY.

Instead of ignoring her or choosing a different woman
over her, he shows interest in her, gives her
compliments, and gives her attention. He doesn’t have to
do this; he’s doing it because he is “nice”, or
basically a good human being.

A “nice guy” is a guy who is totally dominant over her,
and she would STILL be attracted to him if he did
terrible things to her.

If he cheated on her or roughed her up, she would still
be attracted to him. But since he is “nice,” he decided
to never hit her and never cheat on her, even though he

A “nice guy” is a guy who could do terrible things and
not lose the girl, but CHOOSES not to.

A “nice guy” is a guy who she has total respect for, and
is even a bit scared of…

…But instead of capitalizing on this fear to exploit
her or damage her, the guy decides to have a reasonable
healthy relationship with her.

A “nice guy” is a guy who makes all the decisions she
doesn’t want to make, and generally comes up with
choices that result in happiness for both people.

He takes charge and gives her what she wants, even when
she is not aware of what she wants.

This is an absolute and totally different definition of
nice guy that what men are brought up to believe.

Are you starting to see why men are so fucking confused
in the dating world and women are all lamenting about
“where have all the good guys gone?”

I’ll bet you’ve seen a lot of evidence of this in your
own lives.

If you have an example or a story to share, I’d love to
hear it.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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