What’s Your Self-Respect Worth?

Wed, 24/08/2016

One of the biggest benefits of building up your game, or
getting good dating skills, is the power of choice.

When you can approach any girl anytime, anywhere, you know
that you have a world of choices and you never have to
feel lack.

You never need to get hung up on one stupid girl as if
she’s the last piece of ass you’ll ever get your hands

This is that one great freedom that I want ALL OF YOU to

Let me share with you a question that a new client
recently emailed:


“Do you ever bother to put effort into a girl that
doesn’t reply to a first call?

Follow up texts/calls are needy, but if you think the
girl is worth the effort should you just go for it with
nothing to lose?”


My Answer:


If a girl doesn’t respond to my first message, I delete
her number from my phone.

I do this no matter how much I like her.

Toss the number, and when you do that remember that
numbers are mostly useless anyway.

And what is your self-respect worth?

Do you really think yourself so hopeless that you have
to cling to this one girl like she’s the last one who
will ever be interested in you?

I hope not.

Never get hung up on any one woman. Just keep meeting
new women.

This video can make criminally EASY for you to do that.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS. – It’s always hilarious when you delete her number
and she texts a week later and you just say, “Who’s