Why do the hot ones shoot me down?!

Mon, 15/08/2016

Hey it’s Brad,

I was just talking with a client and he was expressing a
little bit of frustration about not getting the hot
women he wants.

The solution to his problem was like, super simple by
the way.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest from the trees and
you get frustrated wondering what you’re doing wrong,
when you fall short of getting the girls you really

I’m sharing this today because I’m betting you’ve had
the same problem at one point or another.

Here’s what he said:


“Brad I need your help…

I always find myself getting rejected by that smoking
hot girl I like, I muster up the courage to speak with
her but often got shut down or just flat out ignored.

What am I doing wrong?”


My Thoughts:

I used to have the exact same frustration.

…And there’s only one way around it that I know:

Don’t approach one woman and call it a day…

… Approach 10 so you get some practice.

Only with practice will you see improvement.

This is the reality that frustrates a lot of guys. If
you want to approach women and have amazing interactions
that lead to sex, expect it to take some repetition.

The first 3 don’t count; it’s just warm up.

…So don’t worry about those at all.

And be sure to approach hot girls, average girls, and in
between- so you get more practice.
Here’s what I think you’re doing right now:

Go out, find the hottest girl there, get rejected, and
give up.

That’s not the way to do it.

You should still approach the hottest girl, but she
should be approach #4 of 10, so you get warmed up first.

Kind of like warm up swings when a baseball player is on
deck to bat.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – Even with warms ups, you need to know how to swing.

If you don’t know exactly how you’re going to approach
and build attraction, then you need to watch this video
right now:

What to say – every time.