Beating Your Anxiety for Good

Sun, 18/09/2016

Overthinking can make you insane.

Guys overthink the first impression they make when
they’re talking to a girl…

They overthink a text response they get from someone…

They overthink the importance of hooking up, period.

If this is you – stop it!

Your own mental game playing is the single greatest
obstacle that holds you back from all that pussy you
want so badly.

I just had to give some tough love to one of my clients
whose making every excuse he possibly can for why he’s
not succeeding with girls.

I want you to see this because I want to see how
ridiculous all these excuses look when they’re written
out in black and white.

And just maybe, if you’ve been making similar excuses,
you’ll stop:)

We’ll call this guy Josh:


Josh: Let me ask you something: I am told I am a
good-looking guy. If that’s the case, why am I not
getting a lot of female attention?

Me: Look, either you’re missing the signals, which are
subtle, or you have a body language problem that’s
turning women off.

Josh: Here is the thing though: I have ALSO been told I
am ugly. So on Tinder I get nowhere. After I meet a
girl, either through cold approach or online, the number
flakes. So I don’t know what to do. It feels like I
can’t do anything right, and I have tried everything.

Me: Male good looks are very subjective. If you’re her
type she might think you’re hot, but then there’s other
girls who think you’re ugly. It’s not good to rely on
these opinions. Just improve your game and rely on that.

(This is where I gave him the ANSWER but he didn’t get
it – just kept going…)

Josh: I know, and that’s the problem: I am not able
somehow, for some reason, to gain compliance, or form
relationships. Look at this article, this is a girl
diver at the Olympics who kicked her teammate out of the
room so she could have sex with this hot guy. I am never
able to get a girl to do things like that for me.

(And then he sends me an article about a slutty
Brazilian Olympic swimmer getting nailed by a guy with

So here is what I finally told him:

Me: You should stop reading articles, stop whining,
stop being negative, and work on your game. Just put
your head down and get to work. Stop thinking so much.

(End of Conversation)


Look, you guys have already done the hard work of
creating self doubt, fucking with yourself in the head,
and psyching yourselves out thinking you can’t do it.

Getting out and just talking to a few girls should be a
relief after all that.

And I’ve got the perfect thing to help.

In all my years of perfecting game I figured out
something IMPORTANT.

Approach anxiety is really something much bigger – it’s
SOCIAL anxiety.

So if your take a guy with social anxiety and just make
him approach a bunch of women, he could still make all
kinds of game killing mistakes…

Looking scared…
Getting blown out by cockblockers…
Fail to make a move…

…The list goes on.

The real key to getting you past your fear is to piece
by piece, through a proven process, get you past your
social anxiety to a place of social freedom.

Social freedom is what makes the naturals so good, and
it’s what makes you magnetic.

My brand new product is called How To Beat ApproachAnxiety and it’s designed to take you step by step to
social freedom.

Enjoy and let me know how you do with it!

Talk soon,

Brad P.