Girls Love a Guy Who’s FEARLESS

Thu, 01/09/2016

Hey it’s Brad,

A lot of you guys have spent a lot of time learning
techniques, learning strategies for picking up women,
and what I’ve discovered is that the effectiveness of
any of these techniques is heavily affected by one

…How much SOCIAL FREEDOM you have. Basically, how big
your balls are.


Almost everyone in the world has at least a little bit
of social anxiety.

When I was coming up learning this stuff I worked with
all these naturals and when I look back on it now I say
“What was the one thing that was common to all of them?”

None of them cared what people thought. At all.

None of them were self-conscious about people looking at
them. And THAT was the extraordinary thing that
attracted women.

They weren’t all great looking guys. They didn’t all
speak well, BUT they all had that fearlessness that
attracts women in social situations.

When you come to a dating guru as a student of seduction
and dating the goal is always to try to get you as close
as possible to where these naturals are.

But almost everyone has heavy approach anxiety in the
beginning. And so we do things like getting you to do a
thousand cold approaches.

This takes a while, but it works amazingly well.

Initially, when you’re in the midst of a thousand cold
approaches it can be hard to know how you’re doing and
see the forest from the trees, so to speak.

The first thing I try to diagnose with students is how
much social freedom you have.

First you just need to know where you’re at.

It has to be quantified, and then second, you have to be
able to build, build, build your social freedom to the
point where you literally don’t care what other people

That is the basic goal of everything I do.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS. – Another benefit of doing this work is that it’s
going to put you in a great mood.

It’s going to make you have a lot of fun.

My students who have taken my seminars say it’s a huge
state builder.

If you’re ready to get started right where you’re at,
and do some exercises to not give a shit what anyone
thinks, and experience amazing freedom, go here andread this real quick.