How Everyone is Getting Laid TONIGHT

Mon, 05/09/2016


As I’m writing this I’m getting ready to go out in the
field with some of my badass clients and do some
fieldwork for a few hours.

It’s gonna be great. Working directly in the field with
guys is my favorite thing.

I want all of you guys to be dominators. Talk to women
with no fear and blow them the hell away.

Not only will you get laid more, but your self-esteem
will skyrocket too.

There is absolutely no downside to having better game.

A ton of you guys at home are using dating apps to meet
women, so I’m gonna take some space in today’s
newsletter to talk about that.

Pretty much every single woman uses apps or online
dating sites now…

…That’s really becoming the place to find them these

For most guys online seems a lot easer than cold

But the thing is….

…Most guys don’t know how to do it.

If fact there’s a specific glaring mistake I see

Wait for it…

…Being “Needy” and Approval Seeking.

It drives me crazy when I see guys doing it, and it
totally dries up a girl’s vagina and kills any
attraction she may have.

Never fear, there’s a quick reversal for this:

In every profile, guys lay out facts about themselves.
That’s how men communicate – they transmit data.


What’s worse though, is that they do so in a “hey, look
at me – I’m trying to impress you” kind of way. Which
translates into just two words in a woman’s head:

Needy. Douchebag.

What’s less obvious and highly unattractive about this
is that the man is clearly seeking the woman’s approval.

He wants her to find him to be “amazing” and validate
his insecurities with her interest/desire.


…Instead, you can get them to SEEK YOUR APPROVAL… by
conjuring up an image of an awesome woman – who is
EXACTLY what you want.

You want her to want to be YOUR ideal woman.

Clever huh?

The first benefit of conjuring up your ideal women is
that the exact kind of woman you want will see herself
in your words – before you even meet she will feel
understood, recognized and appreciated – which is
incredibly arousing to them.

And you’re the magic man who did it.

The second benefit of this power flip is that it also
serves as a FILTER to PREVENT the women you DON’T want
from writing you.

This alone, saves you a ton of time.

If you say positive – the cynical women won’t write.

If you say “edgy, sexy and cool,” the prim, uptight
girls won’t write you.

You Lead. They Follow.

But again, that’s why it’s imperative you focus your
profile more about HER-and only subtly drop hints about
yourself interwoven into your description of the woman
you’re looking for.

I can show you how to do this RIGHT HERE and you could
be getting horizontal with some hot piece of ass tonight.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – If not now, when? Do yourself a favor and join the
ranks of winners NOW.

I’m out. See you tomorrow.