How to Beat Approach Anxiety

Fri, 16/09/2016

Today, we have too much access to information.

It results in TOTAL OVERLOAD.

The Internet, social media, TV, and everything in

Not a good thing.

About a week ago, my friend Jeff was ready to buy a new
car, so he went online to check consumer reports and
check some reviews for compact suv’s and found so much
DATA and so many conflicting reviews on consumer reports
that he got completely overwhelmed.

He still doesn’t have a new car.

The poor guy has so much (useless) information floating
around in his head, that he can’t make a decision.

He will drive that old used Honda he’s in until it falls
apart right out from under him.

I spoke to him on the phone the other day and asked him
how his search was going.

He didn’t even want to talk about it, it gives him a

You know it’s funny, I see the exact same thing
happening with dating advice.

Before guys join my newsletter they’ve usually bought
3-5 other products that did nothing for them.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but there’s a TON of dating and
seduction guru’s on the Internet.

This endless litany of stuff puts a guy in a cycle of
learning the next thing or getting the next secret that
will completely change their fortunes in dating.

It keeps them endlessly trying new things looking for
the one “secret”…

…Instead of simply going out and DOING the relatively
straightforward things they need to do to turn women on.

Here’s how that typically goes:

The new guy finds all these exciting programs and spends
about 30 hours reading and studying.

Then it’s time to get out and try it and the excuses
come up –

“This one’s too snobby, this one’s too hot, this one’s
sitting next to someone who might overhear.” (you get
the picture.)

So this time he decides to read up and study about
approach anxiety.

(That’s ANOTHER 10 hours of reading.)

Now he hits a bar, ready to use some of his new stuff…

…But he gets there and it just seems unnatural. He
doesn’t want to do it.

He has a few drinks to collect his thoughts and now he’s
a little too intoxicated to approach any women.

This is an endless cycle of excuses, I don’t ever want
to see you get caught in.

You’ll learn more from a handful of approaches that take
you 30 minutes total than you ever will from 10 minutes
of reading.

And I’ve got something special to help you with this:

Many of my students have had intense fear of approach,
of getting started.

Using my 13 years of experience as a professional
educator, I’ve created a self-help system for
eliminating approach anxiety and many other fears that
are total game-killers.

Best of all, it doesn’t require you to do 1000 cold
approaches or go way outside your comfort zone.

My system will slowly enlarge your comfort zone in a
gradual, measurable way.

And it’s brand new.

Learn all about it here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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