This Is Where All the Girls Are

Fri, 09/09/2016

I have a friend who met an overweight tranny online.

No joke.

She flirted with him, gave him all kinds of buying
signals, had a fake photo (of course) and even sounded
good on the phone.

Sure enough, they met up and not only was this person
huge, like elephant huge but my buddy could literally
see the five o’clock shadow under the face makeup.

He basically ran like hell and deleted the app from his
phone, never to use it again.

In fact, he’s probably going to read this newsletter and
be pissed that I even mention it to you guys.

(Hey man, I’m not even using your name so chill out!)

And, honestly, it’s really too bad for him…

…Because there is no place in the world with a more
steady supply of women looking for sex than online
dating apps.


And you know what…

…A lot of guys have had bad experiences online. And a
lot of guys get pissed and swear it off.

It’s seriously like trying to navigate the ocean without
a compass.

Which is why so many guys COMPLETELY FAIL.

But the fact is this:

Online dating can be an easy, consistent and
rejection-proof way to get tons of casual sex…

A loyal loving girlfriend…

…Or even find your soul mate.

The trick is that you need to know the right “twist” to
put on to any online dating profile.

When you know this secret, it’s like having a back door
hack to a woman’s brain, that lets you trigger her horny
response and make her desperate to ride your cock.

That’s what it is to HAVE the compass.

And all you need to discover that trick is to be a
dating expert and spend hundreds of hours using online
dating sites to perfect the method!

Yay! No problem!

And if it so happens that you haven’t put in hundreds of
hours perfecting the technique don’t worry:

I already did it.

Got you covered.

Thank me later.

I went a little crazy for a while, literally gaming
women online 7 days a week…

…And keeping meticulous data facts and statistics, to
figure out scientifically what works and what doesn’t.

I’ll show what to look for in her dating profile that
screams she’s down to fuck.

(And how to spot a fraud, so you never end up like my
friend who’s still in therapy)

I’ll show you how to create a killer profile that gets
attention and I’ll give you super-easy cut and paste
emails that get her panties dripping wet and her ready
to meet up with you in person.

I honestly don’t understand why you guys don’t all
have this yet.

Talk soon,

Brad P.