You are Hereby Released…

Mon, 12/09/2016

My clients see more success than any others in the
dating industry.

I take great pride in that and I’m really proud of all
of you.

And there’s a reason we do it better around here.

If you own a few of my products you probably already
know what it is.

If not, it’s today’s secret of success:


It’s the single most important factor when you’re
interacting with women.

You absolutely must be positive and fun.

That makes women comfortable and they start to open up.

And by the way…

There are dating coaches out there that will sell you
programs and take a lot of money just to tell you this
one basic truth.

I just gave it to you in a sentence.

So there.


You’re welcome.

One of the BIG reasons a lot of guys get negative when
they’re learning pickup is that it gets drilled into
their heads that they need to approach women pretty much
EVERY TIME they leave the house.

That’s oppressive and can actually make you resent the

Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking
about (Letter from Joe):


“I had to run a few errands and was not necessarily
going to the mall with the intent to meet girls.

I was in a pretty low state. Not depressed but just
tired and not really talkative. As I’m walking
throughout the mall I keep catching girls looking at me.

I walk into American Eagle and the girl there tells me,
“I usually hang around half an hour after work”, and I
just said, “oh sucks”.

What’s a good exercise or anything really to be in
state?? I just hate it that I can’t talk at all when I’m
low energy.”


Here’s what I say:

Don’t make this an obligation!

It’s not necessary to talk to girls every time you leave
the house or to force yourself to talk to women when you
really don’t want to.

If you do, you will eventually grow to dread talking to
women and have a bad attitude.

So I HEREBY RELEASE YOU from talking to women if you
don’t want to.

A lousy state of mind will screw it up anyway.

When you got out you need to be excited and truly be
having FUN.

…Like a kid going to a candy store.

If you’re having a super shitty day and can’t shake it,
take the day off.


The one other thing you can do is turn it around.

The method is in the video.

Talk soon,

Brad P.