How I Pulled the Hot Flight Attendant in Under an Hour

Fri, 07/10/2016

I put my arm around her and turned her around to the big
mirror on the wall adjacent to the bar and said:

“I just want to point out that WE LOOK STUNNING
(pointing to our reflection in the mirror).

Mostly me, but you look OK too.”

She laughed and it was ON. An hour later she was
bouncing with me and assuring her shocked friends that
she would be just fine.

She actually loved having to prove herself to me.

And she REALLY loved what I did to her when we got back
to my place 🙂

Colleen is a flight attendant who sees quite a bit of
the world. She is a solid nine and, as you can imagine,
has guys fawning over her like idiots. Co-workers,
pilots, passengers, – everybody.

She used to being worshipped for her looks and it bores

So what did I do?

Ignored her beauty and teased her.

Teasing her, in a fun way, will drive her crazy.

It demonstrates super-high value when you are
comfortable enough to tease a woman that other guys
virtually worship.

As a result of doing this for a number of years, I’m not
genuinely attracted to ANY woman until I’ve already
talked to her for a while.

Here’s why…

I’ve fucked enough super hot women to know that many of
them are undesirable (for reasons other than what they
look like).

A lot of them are insecure, neurotic, and some are just
plain mean.

So I have to screen for all of that before I get

And that’s exactly what I did with Colleen – negged her
and then positioned myself as the prize.

I let her prove herself to me for the next hour. Mind
you, it’s all done in a playful fun manner but the
dynamic is there.

It really is important to evaluate a woman on more than
just looks.

Here’s how I tackle it:

In my mind, before approaching a woman, I feel that I’m
walking into an unknown situation. I have no idea if
she’s an amazing person… or a complete disaster.

My intention is to run her through a series of
conversational tests where she’ll be FORCED to show her
true colors as fast as possible.

Once I’ve gathered this information I’ll know if she has
what I’m looking for. Then I’ll decide if I like her or
not, and if I want to take it further.

I’m in full control from start to finish.

This process has served me well for years, and there’s
no reason why it can’t work for you as well.

The whole process and mindset are outlined in my
Black Book Method.

In that program, there’s an abundance of proven methods
to start a conversation. Then you’ll be able to decide
if it’s worth the effort to get to know her better.

And if it is, Black Book gives you everything you need
to get her straight to the bedroom.

Why not get started now?

Talk soon,

Brad P.