How to Actually Become a More Badass Version of Yourself

Sat, 29/10/2016

Just yesterday I was going on in this newsletter about
how friends and clients love to contact me with their lay

But sometimes I get frustrated letter from guys who are
on the other end of that spectrum as…

One of my readers, Will, is at the end of his rope and
about to give up.

He’s paralyzed by fear.

His problem is a common one; let’s take a look:


“There are so many products on the market, I don’t know
what’s best for me.

My main problem is approach anxiety. I lack confidence
and conversation skills. I’ve been reading and studying
attraction and relationship skills for several years now
and I have invested in a lot of good products.

Because approach anxiety and self-confidence continue to
be my weakness and main concerns, I’m interested in
which product you recommend the MOST.

Your product advice would be appreciated.”


Here’s what I told him:

Based on what you’re telling me, you’re reading a lot
and doing nothing with the information. Lots of guys
have this issue.

For men in your position, I typically recommend
30/30 Club and here’s why:

First, it gives you the information you need…

…At the time you need it.

Look, there can be a lot to learn as you’re making a
transformation. When we get you started, we’ll give you
one thing to study and work and then you go take action
on it ’til you’ve got it down.

THEN we move on to the next thing.

In other words, I’ve designed the program so you don’t
get overwhelmed and so you DO get results.

Plus, you get to meet a community of people who are
dedicated to improving themselves and getting crazy
amounts of pussy.

In fact, I don’t allow people to give advice on the
forum unless I KNOW they’re SUCCESSFUL when it comes to
meeting, dating, and sleeping with women.

Finally, if you join 30/30, you WILL be pushed out of
your comfort zone…

That’s a fact.

But you’ll have access to me and my hand-picked coaches
to help you get over the stumbling blocks and give you
that much-needed accountability.

Look… I’m not gonna tell you the 30/30 Club will
magically transport a hot girl into your bedroom,
waiting for you to fuck her.

The system does take some work. Anything in life worth
doing does.

But I guarantee you it’s the quickest, easiest, and most
effective path to having the best sex and love life you
could ever ask for.

What the process in 30/30 Club does is make it simple to
take the right actions, at the right time, to get you to
where you want to be in a short amount of time.

Talk soon,

Brad P.