How to Be Naturally Magnetic to Women

Tue, 18/10/2016

Ken is one of my more experienced clients and he is
starting to “get it”.

He joined my 30/30 Club a couple of years ago and did
what I told him to do IN THE ORDER I told him to do it.

He got better and better at approaching and building

Some of these turned into hookups and lays.

Once he started doing this regularly, something like magic
happened. He changed.

He started to have a deep knowingness, a supreme

I watched him do some approaches a few weeks ago and he
was so natural about it.

He was having fun.

He had come a long way from the shy nice guy introvert
who was always so down on himself.

When I watched him open sets he had a huge smile on his
face and a magnetic energy.

And it showed in the way girls responded to him.

They smiled.

They seemed happy that he was talking to them.

That is exactly the goal that we are all shooting for

Have you ever been around someone with a happy positive
attitude and you we’re thinking, “Whatever he’s on, can
I get some”?

That’s how girls start to feel when you get comfortable
doing your approach.

You become a lot of fun and they want to be around you.

When you get that down, closing becomes easy.

That night with Ken, he ended up bouncing with a girl.

The magic happens when you get over your own baggage and
truly start having fun when you’re out approaching

Have you noticed that the guys who get the most pussy
seem to be having the most fun?

They are.

This is the magic “sweet spot” that you get to when you
join 30/30 Club and do the curriculum I lay out.

I think everybody know that you have to do something a
lot to get good at it.

Michael Jordan didn’t learn how to shoot three point
shots from a program; he just did it a million times.

In 30/30 I use exercise to build you up piece by piece
so that by the time you’re talking to women and getting
numbers, you’re totally confident and OWNING it.

I start you out simple enough that the shyest shy guy
can get start and eventually be a complete, confident
natural with women.

And we cover every other aspect too:

Fashion, voice inflection, how to walk and talk,
creating an image – everything.

When I created 30/30, I wanted you to have a powerful
resource to really become the badass that you’ve always
wanted to be.

30/30 club is my pride and joy and you can learnabout it right here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.