How to Stand Out From Every Other Guy

Sat, 08/10/2016

Aside from being a dating coach and having a lot of
great fun with girls over the years, I’ve also
accumulated a lot of female friends.

I think that comes out of doing what I do.

The more you understand women, the more you sympathize
with them and start to like them as people.

Girls can sense this and are naturally drawn to someone
who’s going to be genuinely friendly to them.

Some of these friends are women I’ve previously dated
and some I’ve just met along the way.

Most of them know about my business as a dating coach
and they love it. They know that SOMEONE needs to do

Most women wish that ALL men knew what you and I know.

The reason I bring this up is that a good female friend
of mine sent me text with a link to an interesting

My friend, we’ll call her Cassidy, is a bartender at one
of the LA clubs that I hit with my students on a pretty
regular basis.

She’s totally hot and gets hit on by customers daily.

She’s also kind of street-smart because working where
she works she sees the women who are freaked out about
their looks and the douche dudes who approach them.

I think Cassidy could teach her own class about this.
I’ve told her that a few times.

Anyway, I’m getting off on a tangent…

She sent me this article from the BBC the other day:

It outlines a study that shows that girls in the UK (and
presumably the rest of the civilized western world) are
becoming more and more unhappy.

It would suggest you read the whole thing, but to sum
up, it’s their BODY IMAGE.

They’re constantly held up to supermodel standards and
more and more girls feel like they can’t keep up.

And Cassidy was telling me this is causing depression
and a multitude of problems for most girls these days.

My girlfriend agrees with this. In fact I’ve shown the
article to a few women, all of them nod their heads in

We live in LA, where most women tend to be pretty hot,
and the hotter ones are the most insecure.

And Cass is a bartender. She sees all. And pretty much
everyone talks to her.

She tells me she hears them go on about how they’ll
never be thin enough, and how frustrating it is when
dudes roll up on them, look them up and down like a
piece of meat, and start “charming them”.

…It’s a shitty feeling for anyone when you feel like
someone is just trying to get something from you.

Have you ever had a friend who needed a favor and he was
only sucking up to you so you’d do him that favor?

You probably wanted t get away from that person as fast
as possible.

That’s how a lot of chicks feel. Especially hot ones
with guys who only see tits and a hot ass.

They’re held up to crazy standards of beauty and then
everybody wants to fuck ’em.

I hope this gives you the slightest peak into a woman’s
mind so you can understand a little better what might be
going through her head when you’re in the middle of a

I designed and tested all of my openers and routines
with this exact thing in mind….

…They should be fun, put her in a receptive mood, and
totally position you in a non-needy fun loving way.

Here’s an opener from My Black Book Method that
would be perfect for one of these hot chicks that
gets hit on left and right:

“Hi, my name is Brad and I’m shy. My best friend told me
that I should go out every day and talk to 5 new people.
I decided to talk to you because you seem nice.”


It’s a little silly and it always gets a laugh.

And it’s disarming.

It allows her to start to feel good around you so you
can start to build comfort and attraction.

…And that’s the only way that you’re going to be
fucking this girl later.

I designed the entire Black Book Method to be plug
and play and simple to implement.

There are tons of openers like the ones above, and all
my best routines and strategies that I’ve field tested
over the last decade.

There is nothing in this program that isn’t proven to

So if you’re not studying it already, for Cassidy’s
sake, for your sake, and for the sake of all of the
women who really want to hook up with a guy who’s not a

Take a look at this short video.

(Not safe for work!)

Talk soon,

Brad P.