So This “Nice Guy” Was Creeping Out the Bartender (Painful)

Wed, 12/10/2016

I met up with a couple of friends for a drink this

We weren’t going out to do approaches. I actually have
a girlfriend now and they just wanted to hang out for a
while and catch up.

It’s always fun to go down into Hollywood and bust on my
bartender friend, Cassidy.

Besides she gives me free drinks.

(Full disclosure – I don’t drink so it’s only tonic
water on the rocks with lime, but still…)

There was this hipster type guy with a beard and skinny
jeans who was sitting at the bar with a buddy.

He kept giving Cassidy (who is totally hot, by the way)
all these creepy compliments about her hair, how she
handled customers, what a great bartender she was…

…It was creeping her out.

I know what he was trying to do. He was trying to woo
her with moves right out of the “Nice Guy Playbook” but
as we all know…

Women are leery of guys complimenting them all the time.

It shows sexual neediness, which makes them want to run
the other way as fast as possible.

Finally she puts her hands up in a motion for him to
stop while shaking her head and smiling.

And Cassidy is not afraid to tell a dude what’s up.

She said, “You gotta chill with the over complimenting,
you’re gonna creep girls out.”

After this the poor guy started to look deflated.

And then she looked at me and got a smirk on her face.

She said to him, “You need to meet my friend Brad, over
here. He could so help you in ways you don’t know yet!”

The guy just kind of waved and said “Hey dude”.

He didn’t come over – too embarrassed.

He and his buddy left a few minutes later.

She came over and asked, “Am I a bitch? I just don’t
have patience for that.”

I told her she was fine. He was being creepy.

I then told the bartenders what he could have done

I told them you never compliment the target. Compliment
a friend instead.

I told the other bartender Jessica that she was the best
looking one in the place.

And she had a way better ass than Cassidy.

Cassidy said, “You’re cut off.” And took my drink away.
“You can get your quinine fix somewhere else!”

It was funny and we all laughed but it illustrates an
important concept:

Never compliment the target. Compliment someone
peripheral to her.

It works because it makes your target girl want to seek
your approval by activating her COMPETITIVE streak.

If you’re complimenting her friends then she will
automatically want your approval too.

It’s a knee jerk reaction that she can’t even help.

Female psychology is a lot of fun.

(And I did get my drink back a few minutes later.)

Cassidy and a few other female friends have actually
read Black Book Method.

They agree with everything in it.

In fact it scares them a little bit.

I’ve been told, “If every guy could do this, I would be
giving it up ALL THE TIME, and I’d want to be…”

If hipster guy in skinny jeans had bothered to arm
himself with knowledge like I provide in my program, he
could take bartenders home all the time.

And he’d sit up straight and be a little more masculine.

Getting laid all the time does that to a guy.

Do me a favor and check out my video.

In it you’ll read all about the power of my method and how it
can benefit you starting tonight.

Talk soon,

Brad P.