The Easiest Way to Get Laid That I Can Possibly Offer

Sat, 15/10/2016

One of my coaching clients, Matt, had an experience
recently that left him rattled.

He was doing an approach on a cute girl in a grocery
store during the day.

He walked up to do a humorous opener and before he could
get halfway through a sentence she went psycho on him.

She told him to get away from her and you don’t just
walk up to women you don’t know and start accosting

She wet full on feminist right there in the produce

It was a loud scene and he was pretty embarrassed.

When he got home he called me for some advice.

A part of coaching guys is being able to READ them. As
Matt was telling his story, I could tell he didn’t need to
hear the “dude, suck it up, we’ve all been there”

He needed a victory.

So I redirected him to online dating…


If you do it right.

And I do it right.

You may have heard me talk about my method before; I
like to call it “The Vortex Method”.

It was actually developed by a good friend of mine, Ben.

Ben was pretty much where Matt’s at; fed up.

So he looked at online dating and asked how he could
really make it work.

I mean most of the sorting and rejection process is done
for you electronically, which is a huge advantage.

He figured there had to be a way to make it really work.

So he set out to back engineer the whole online dating

And that’s exactly what he did.

In the process he found out something interesting. Did
you know:

Dating sites don’t want guys to find the women they’re
looking for?

That’s right – they actually have algorithms to make
sure that the funny, pretty, non-judgmental, don’t have
too many guys finding them.

They make sure you find the bots and the ugly pigs

Why the hell would they want that to happen?

Think about it – how do they make their money?

…Off of your monthly membership fees.

And they are not going to be able to keep milking that
cash cow if the guys looking for cool chicks actually
find them and everybody starts deactivating their

Ben, fucking dork that he is, beat that algorithm and
can easily find the kind of women we’re looking for.

He found workarounds that ANY GUY can use.

They’re included in the Vortex Effect.

He also figured out through meticulous trial and error
how to bait and hook these girls.

He applied a lot of why I taught him about cold approach
and female psychology and applied it to online dating.

He got so damn good at it that he was able to develop a
cut and paste message sequence that you can use on any
and every girl to build attraction and get her to meet

Also a component of the Vortex Effect.

You’re also going to know exactly how to write a profile
and take killer pictures to separate yourself from the
legions of douchebags and make girls want you.

Matt picked up the Vortex Effect on Monday and he’s
already got a date lined up.

He’s fucking excited. And I’m excited for him.

(And he doesn’t even have the whole system in place

Dating doesn’t have to be hard!

No excuses, if you’re not getting all the pussy you
want, check out my short video and learn how this
method can get you, or any guy, a ton of pussy.

Talk soon,

Brad P.