Bumping Into an Old One Night Stand (Awkward!)

Sun, 20/11/2016

A funny thing just happened to a friend of mine…

Will was in a gas station buying a Red Bull and ran into
a woman fucked.


He lives in a small Midwestern town in Indiana and it
happens to him on a regular basis.

I consider this a high quality problem.

Another reader of mine, Ben from Chicago, was returning
a pair of jeans at the mall this past weekend and walked
right into a chick he hooked up with and laid almost a
month ago.

You’d think it would be awkward for these guys, but
here’s what happened:

Neither Will nor Ben took any shit.

Will’s a stud in a small town – he’s used to running
into former conquests.

This was a new experience for Ben and the girl’s friend
who was with her tried to give him some snarky shit, but
the girl shut her friend down FAST.

You know why?

Because he gave her a POSITIVE sexual experience, just
like I taught him.

Did you know…

…There are ways to frame a one-night stand that make
women happy and appreciative that it happened?

Here’s how you do it:

To begin with, don’t act like you’re going to be her

Don’t get all hyped up and make future experience
projections if you don’t have any intention of keeping

The frame is more like this-

“We are both sexual people. I understand you are a
naturally sexy woman and I’d never view you as a slut.
It doesn’t matter if you do this all the time or I do
this all the time. Tonight is the only thing that

Project sexual comfort. Women LIKE to be seduced under
the proper circumstances and they never want to feel
like a slut.

If YOU are perfectly comfortable, she will not feel

This also carries over when you run into her in public.

When you see her, go say hi. Don’t try to hide out, run
away or not be noticed.

If you act awkward, she will feel awkward.

Girls always adapt to your frame, so set a frame that

“I’m a cool guy, I get lots of girls, it’s not a big
deal, maybe see you again sometime, maybe not. You’re
cool, I’m cool, everyone is happy.”

When you do run into her, treat her like a friend. Be
happy to see her but don’t hang around too long. This is
high value behavior. If you project high value, no one
will question you.

You want to know the real reason this is happening to
more and more guys on team Brad?

Because they listened to me and started adding online
dating to their bag of tricks.

(Especially Will, he’s had to broaden his search to
nearby towns)

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seducing women online.

It’s like connect the dots hookup. It’s that simple –
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I even give them copy and paste emails to send, and an
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Talk soon,

Brad P.