Dude, It’s YOU Who is Out of HER League

Tue, 08/11/2016

Typically there are 2 types of guys in a girl’s life…

First, there’s the guy she can easily get. This is the
dorky guy with no game who orbits her and does her
favors and basically makes you want to vomit when you
see his pathetic-ness up close.

This guy always gets a FREE one-way first class ticket
to the friend zone.

…Where he will remain for all of eternity. Forever
celibate. Watching others guys rail the object of his

Fate. Worse. Than. Death.

And then…

…There’s the second type of guy.

This guy could take her or leave her as far as she

…But her pussy gets warm and tingly when he walks in
the room.

And she fantasizes about him when she’s alone in bed.

She wonders out loud to her girlfriends if he’s seeing

She puts him up on a pedestal like he’s out of her

How would you like me to show you how to create that
“out of her league” effect in any girl?

I have the secret laid out in my program “Secrets of Inner Game”.

It’s one of my most advanced products and I don’t talk
about it all the time, but if you think you’re ready for
some serious Jedi shit, this is it.

And when you learn how to do this stuff, you’ll realize
it’s stupid simple…

…but the results go a long way.

The whole thing is an audio program. It’s all me
sharing 18 of my deepest secrets on Inner Game.

Here’s a small taste of what you get:

– My trick to staying positive and get the girl that you
really want.

– How to take what you want from a girl and have her
thank you for it.

– How to increase your tolerance to beauty (this is the
real secret to getting tens).

– How to Develop a Permanent Sense of Entitlement to
Attract Hotter Women

– How to Stop Sexual Neediness (and get more sex than
you’ve ever had in your life).

This is serious Jedi stuff…

…And all that power is here for you, if you’re ready.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS. – Here’s what a client, Eric, had to say about


Secrets of Inner Game is spot on. Your guys are going to
love it. I only wish I had this when I first began, I
would have had a few hot girls right away.

Personally, the tracks that affected me most were on
Anxiety. All kinds of it. In the beginning I was
MORTIFIED to even talk to hot women to the point I would
stutter and my voice would crack. Once I worked on that
part of my Inner Game….. my interactions with women
started to become way more positive. Eventually I
eliminated my anxiety with women completely…..
and….. well….. you know the rest. 🙂

The rest of the Audio rocks too….. Your guys will
probably all have different favorites.

I would have killed to have this when I first started.

Keep up the good work my man!”

Don’t wait – get started now.