Feeling regret? Screw it. This is why it helps you…

Sun, 06/11/2016

All right, be honest with me:

How many times have you avoided approaching a HOT piece
of ass, because it wasn’t the right time or something
like that?


You know…

She’s gorgeous, everything inside you says “yep, I want
her”, but you get close or get ready to make your move
and this voice in your head goes off saying “abort!
Abort!” and it doesn’t happen.

You walk away from your encounter that never happened
disappointed as hell, but full of rationalizations for
why it wasn’t right.

Hey, that was me too in the beginning. I’d start moving
toward my target and my heart would pound so loud I
could hear it inside my skull.

Well breath a sigh of relief, I’m going to show you how
to blow this shit out for good:

First of all, there’s no hard and fast rule about when
you should approach and when you shouldn’t.


…There definitely are OPPORTUNITIES you need to
condition yourself to jump on.

For example, if a girl looks at you for more than one
second, you should approach her.

I don’t care where you are, do it.

It is never an accident when a woman makes eye contact
with you for that amount of time.

It’s not an automatic lay, but it’s interest.

You should also approach girls who are looking around or
seem bored, even if they DON’T look at you.

They want to be distracted with a conversation instead
of doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

And look, if you’re interested in her, if she’s your
type, approach no matter what.

“Hi I’m Brad. I like you. You look nice.”

I don’t actually think I’ve ever used anything quite
THAT dorky, but that’s better than not talking to her at

The number one problem honestly, is not knowing what to

That’s it.

That’s why you need some good openers and routines….

Like the ones in Black Book Method.

I put that program together with my best stuff. Openers
that get interests time after time after time – routines
that get numbers and lays constantly.

I think I’ve turned more wimps into badasses than
anybody in this business.

I’ve you’re having failure to launch watch my shortvideo now.

If you go out tonight and don’t approach that hot girl
who’s pants you’d love to get in, she’s gone probably

You won’t get another chance.

Even if she shoots you down, you’ll know more for the
next approach.

It’s a crazy world out there, get yourself armed and

Talk soon,

Brad P.