I Had to Give Jared a Smackdown

Tue, 22/11/2016

When Jared first joined 30/30 club he was a bit of a
snowflake – A little new agey, kind of effeminate, not
the manliest guy that’s ever lived.

He’s a coaching client and I’ve been walking him through
the proven process to get insanely good with women and
craft an attractive identity.

(He wasn’t so much of a snowflake that he doesn’t love
tapping hot ass.)

Recently he told me he couldn’t handle “all the

It makes his spirit feel “heavy”.

What the hell does that even mean?

That’s gonna have to get unheavy real quick or he will
never see another vagina again.

Think about it, how do you accomplish anything great?

How do you become a pro-basketball player?

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?!

…Hard work and practice over time.

Don’t be afraid of a little work, it doesn’t hurt.

Jared was only out doing approaches for three weeks,
didn’t get the results he wanted, and quit.

That’s like training in a pool for the 1500-meter
freestyle and quitting after three weeks because you’re
not ready for the Olympics.

Every time he tries to work on this he quits because he
expects it to be effortless and just happen.

You and I both know it doesn’t work that way.

In fact, when I was first getting started I went out 8
months straight, 7 days a week, making constant changes
in my game and NEVER GIVING UP.

Admittedly, there was NO ONE for me to learn from. It
was all brutal trial and error, which adds a LOT of time
(and frustration!) to the learning curve.

You guys don’t have to do 10% of what I did.

And yes, they’re a lot of students who see results
within a few weeks…

…Some of them see results in 24 hours!

But there’s nothing wrong with it taking a little
longer. You’re just taking action to bring more quality
women in your life. It’s not a race.


For guys who have never really left the house before, or
who have no idea how to have a polite conversation, 3
weeks might not be enough to find out what’s not working
and make adjustments.

It’s different for everyone, and you have to be
committed enough to stick with it until you get what you

Jared thought that after a few weeks of going out and
really making no improvements in what he was doing, the
girls would be falling at his feet.

Just focus on improving and you’ll get there before you
know it.

Jared is relaxing a bit. Now that he’s not insisting it
should work he’s having fun with his rejections.

A couple nights ago he got two numbers.


Girls can tell when you loosen up and don’t give a shit

Talk soon,

Brad P.

P.S. It took me 8 months to get good because I had to
figure this shit out myself. In my 30/30 Club you’ve
got the benefit of world-class knowledge and coaching.

We’ll cut your curve down to a few months.

You just add a little effort.