No More Approach Anxiety!

Sat, 17/12/2016

A passenger airliner makes an average of 3000 course
corrections in the air on a direct flight from New York
to Los Angeles.

Wind currents, shifts of hot cold air, weather fronts
and all manner of things act on the plane constantly to
shift it off course.

If course corrections weren’t made, the plane would veer
off course and never reach LA.

When you buy your ticket and get on the plane you don’t
worry about whether or not they’ll find Los Angeles.

You throw on your headphones, go to sleep or do whatever
you do on a plane.

You take for granted that the pilot knows how to do his

They follow the process; do their course corrections,
and it works every time.

It’s the same thing with dating.

Like the old cliche, “it’s journey, not the

Getting good with women is about knowing how to make the
journey. In real life you get all kinds of shit thrown
at you –

– Weird objections, cock blocking friends, beta
orbiters, and 20 other things I’m not even thinking of
right now.

Knowing how to make course corrections on the spot is
what determines your fortunes with women.

It’s not about what you “get” out of improving your
dating life, but more about who you become.

That’s why my most successful clients are members of my
30/30 Club.

Membership in 30/30 is all about course corrections.

It’s how we get good. And it affords guys like you a
chance to get good much faster than I did.

You start with easy exercises just to gradually work you
through social anxiety, building on small successes and
course correcting as you go.

And you build an attractive identity and become the
person that maybe you’ve always wanted to be…

…All while getting feedback and encouragement from me
and my top clients in the forum.

In fact, maybe you should forget that Tony Robbins
seminar you were thinking of attending and join 30/30
Club instead.

Check it out here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – New product is on the way! Look for my top secret
X-Factor Method in the next couple of weeks.

More on that soon…