A Simple Attitude Adjustment That Can Get You Laid…

Fri, 06/01/2017

I was explaining to one of my 30/30 members the other
day that you actually can have great sex with average
looking women.

This may sound like an odd thing to say, but here’s what
I mean:

The magazine rack of your local right aid is full of
magazines with photoshopped supermodels on the covers.

And it’s enough to con you into believing that that’s

And most women don’t look like that in reality –
certainly not in Midwest Town, USA.

But I’ve noticed over the years that a lot of guys
suffer from what I call “supermodel syndrome.”

That means they have the unrealistic belief that a
perfect supermodel will magically walk into their life,
and give them unconditional love.

And this causes them to compare all other girls to an
unrealistic dream.

(You could say it’s the male version of “Bridezilla

It’s creating an unrealistic fantasy in your head and
then using it as an excuse not to live your life.

For women, it’s the perfect wedding. But for men, it’s
the perfect supermodel.

And it gets out of control when you start comparing real
women in real situations to this fantasy of yours.

Some guys even get desperate and depressed..

You see, it makes you angry at reality, or angry with
real people. You feel inadequate and unfulfilled.

But worst of all, it prevents you from enjoying life and
being in a good state.

So how do you cure it?

You could start by reading a book called, “How To Want
What You Have” by Timothy Miller.

This book offers a simple, practical, and credible
method to achieving inner peace. It is based around the
principles of compassion, attention, and gratitude to
everyday living.

And by doing that, you’re going to be in a great state
to meet and attract women.

It’s great to shoot for supermodels, but if that means
you’re not talking to girls and you’re not getting laid,
it might be time to be a little less rigid in your

If that means lowering your standards a bit, then so be

The name of the game is having fun and seeing results.

One of my best recommendations is my program,
Secrets of Inner Game.

You’ll have healthy expectations and you’ll feel good
about everything you’re doing.

When you get that kind of attractive energy going,
chicks will flock to you.

Talk soon,

Brad P.