Formula-X One-Minute Fuck Close

Sat, 18/02/2017

For the last month or so, I’ve been telling you about my
revolutionary Formula-X activation system.

It gives you some simple exercises to blow out social
anxiety and become an ultra confident pussy magnet.

Some of you may read these words and think they sound
nice, but you simply don’t believe it.

I understand.

That’s why today, I’m giving you a real life account of
something that happened to me a little while back.

I used the techniques that would become Formula-X.

With these methods, I got a one-minute fuck close.

One minute.

This is a testimonial written by a client of mine
(Jared) who was there and was an eyewitness to the

All names have been changed to protect the innocent.


“The highlight of anything I ever saw Brad do was a
one-minute fuck close.

Brad and I go up to the to bar to get a drink…

…And a hot 6’3” bubbly brunette, with awesome tits,
grabs a glass, waves it at us, and says “you guys better
not be f***ing pushing in… we’ve been waiting ages so
get in line!!!”

She was seriously pissed off.

I see Brad pause for a moment… and then a light bulb
goes off in his head. Game on.

Brad swaps positions with me to get next to her. That
put me next to her shorter friend.

Brad goes “You wouldn’t dare… or I’d have to spank
your ass… HARD!”.

She holds onto her frame and actually points the glass
at Brad. I busy myself talking with the short friend,
while trying to think of the emergency ambulance number,
and how to avoid being glassed (sorry Brad).

I watch Brad move closer to her, but still standing tall
(he is as tall as her… like 6’5″!) stare at her… and
in between my conversion with short friend I hear him
say “You’re a feisty tiger!” or something like that.

Next thing I know, she lunges at Brad planting a kiss on
him (she’s like sucking out his mouth).

I’m talking to the friend about the weather, but we’re
both thinking WHAT THE F***!!!

Brad goes to me “I just gotta go to the bathroom, be
back in 2 mins”.

…And off he walks with her.

Her short friend and I just stand there in shock. 15
minutes later Brad is back, with a big-ass smile on his


My Comments:

After that, I took Jared outside and debriefed him on
exactly what I did to make it happen.

His eyes were wide open and he couldn’t wait to try it

…And this all happened on his FIRST night out with me.
He would later go on to be one of my best students.

I gave him instruction that night that he had to
remember as best he could.

I would later hone this method into Formula-X
Activation System

This is a method you can use to build amazing confidence
and it’s less than 7 bucks.

No excuses get started now!

Talk soon,

Brad P.