Lifestyles of the Rich and Gameless Revisited

Tue, 21/02/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past
year, you’ve probably heard a lot about the new
president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Whether you love him or hate him, you have to
acknowledge, he knows how to win a battle and he knows
how to get what he wants.

I did an email series several months ago called
“Lifestyles of the Rich and Gameless”.

This is back when the media was throwing around sexual
assault allegations and recordings came out of him
saying, you have to “treat them like shit” and “grab
them by the pussy” etc…..

Things weren’t looking good for Donald back then.

I pointed out how guys with money and status tend to
fall back on that and not use any game whatsoever.

(And when you do that you can end up saying stupid shit
that’s embarrassing when you’re running for president.)


He DID win.

And a smart student chooses to set his feelings aside so
he can learn from the victor.

It’s clear to me that he uses dominance and social proof
triggers in all of his dealings.

But he uses it in ways that you won’t find in most
dating courses.

Just like I teach guys with Formula-X Activation

But then again, he also uses The Likability Trigger like

And the Reciprocity Trigger.

And the Exclusivity Trigger, the Incentive Trigger and
the Celebrity Trigger too.

He does a lot of shit right.

Either way, extremely important for you now:

If you know how to use certain status triggers, you will
get women wet and soaking for you.

People will want to give you what you ask for.

You’ll just start winning.

All the time. So much that you’ll get sick of winning.

(Even if you act like a boorish ass sometimes!)

Let me show you how to bring out the winner in you
with Formula-X Activation System.

Talk soon,

Brad P.