Not Enough Hours in The Day for All These Girls

Sun, 12/02/2017

This is a newsletter about dating skills, so what is the
one best thing I could tell you to improve your game,
your sex life, and your happiness in this year?

Get happy.

A good attitude and a positive vibe in the one thing
that will go farther than anything else to get you
attraction and excitement from a girl.

If you’re really positive and make her feel good, she’ll
overlook a lot of stupid shit you say.

These days when I look back and I read a few chapters of
Diary of a Pick-Up Artist,
I know that in some of those chapters, when I was still
learning, I didn’t have all my techniques down and I
didn’t have all my routines down, but what I did have
was the POSITIVITY to keep going in pursuing a girl even
if everything had gone wrong.

I’ve noticed that’s something that’s lacking in a lot
guys these days.

They want fast easy results and when they don’t get
them, their attitude goes down hill.

And when this happens it’s always the number one reason
that success remains elusive.

Let’s try to step back for a second and look at some of
the events that happen to you when you’re in the

…From there you can put a positive spin on it, or a
negative spin.

It’s your choice.

The reason we’re going to do that is because every event
that happens in your life or in the field can be
interpreted in many, many different ways. And it’s up to
you how you interpret these things.

You can’t control what actually happens to you. It’s
your REACTION that you control.

Positivity is a habit that you develop on purpose.

Let me give you an example:

I had a student who was in the field recently.

It was one of his last approaches of the night.

The girl immediately went hostile on him and said, “You
know, I’ve been watching you for the last hour and a
half. I’ve been wanting you to approach me since I first
saw you and I have a rule, I don’t talk to guys or give
them my number if they didn’t have the confidence to
approach me before last call.”

So basically he approached a girl, who was already
attracted to him and she felt he waited too long and
told him to get lost.

Those are the plain facts. And we can interpret them
either positively or negatively.

Here’s the negative:

He went up to a girl at the end of the night and he
would have liked to approach her sooner, but he was too
scared and she knew that and she felt that that showed a
lot of what’s wrong with him and that’s probably the
reason why he hasn’t been living up to his potential and
she basically told you to get lost because she thought
he was a pussy.

Well that’s horrible and would make just about anyone
feel like shit.

Let’s try a more positive interpretation:

This girl was watching you all night.

She was so attracted to you. She was probably having a
sexual fantasy about you and getting wet just looking at

She watched you talk to probably five other girls and
she was hoping and praying that you’d come up to her.

You have such good game that you can’t even approach all
the girls that are interested in you.

There are just not enough hours in the day for you to
approach all the different girls that are interested in

Therefore, once in a while, a fluke is going to happen
and you might lose one because she didn’t like the
timing of it all, but…

…It feels pretty good to lose one in THAT way.

If you’re going to lose a girl it’s better to lose her
because your schedule is just too full to talk to the
amount of girls that want to talk to you.

Isn’t that a MUCH BETTER way to look at it?

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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