Starting the Year Off Right

Mon, 20/02/2017

I have a lot of big things planned and this is the year
you make your life everything you want it to be.

The only way that won’t happen is if you sit on the
sidelines and don’t engage.

And I know you won’t do that.

All it takes is a decision to move forward.

And when you make that decision – stick to it.

Whenever you got out to accomplish something there will
be a few setbacks. That’s normal.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve saw guys’ grapple
with last year was this:

They get out in the field and do a few approaches, get
blown out, and give up way too soon.

That’s like spending all the time and money to get your
hockey gear and make the team…

…And then quit the first time you get a scratch.

If you want to become super-attractive and have a lot of
sex with amazing women – you had better mean it.

Here’s a message I got from a guy who needed a little


“I put in the work, patiently listened to all the
advice, went out and did the approaches to the best of
my ability – all until I burned out.

Multiple times.

I get way more disappointment than happiness from doing

I assure you I have tried, it’s not a matter of
pussiness. Please be compassionate with the customers
that don’t achieve the amazing results that you do.

Why Brad? Why?

– Andre”



First of all, good for you getting out there in the
first place.

As to your frustration, a few thoughts rush to mind but
I’ll just say this:

You’re going to find that, to succeed at this, you’re
going to need staying power and a thick skin.

You can do that. You’ve come this far.

Look, there was a time when I had no clue with women and
had to figure this stuff out to get the pussy I wanted.

But I did do it. And I didn’t stop until I got really
good. In fact I never stopped, I’m still improving and
working on it.

If you want to wimp out, I could hold your hand, tell
you it’s going to be ok, give you hugs.

I could probably make a lot of money holding seminars
doing that.

But the fact is, NONE of that will get you laid.

You need to take action and then you need to stick with
it. You need to do hundreds of approaches until you get
immune to rejection.

That’s when the magic starts happening.

Here’s a success principle you can use to make money, be
an athlete, or get insane amounts of pussy:


I’ve recently published something special.

It’s called Formula X Activation system.

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With that kind of personal power, women virtually flock
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Talk Soon,

Brad P.

PS – all you need to do is show up and do the actions.
Think you can handle that? Formula X is it.