How to Deal with Confrontation

Sun, 05/03/2017

You guys may remember I did a tour across the country
last summer.

I met up with many of you baddasses and we go out in the
field and did one on one instruction.

I came away from that tour with weeks worth of great

But there is a story I haven’t shared yet.

I just told this tale in the 30/30 Club forum and guys
are getting a lot out of it.

I want you guys to get something out of it too.

It came up because a guy was having an issue dealing
with confrontation in the field.

This is how you deal with confrontation:

I was teaching 2 students in the Chicago area.

We were sitting in a diner and an older woman, maybe
late 50s or early 60s got up and barged in to our

The conversation that got her so bent was about my
client who was still living with his parents. I was
telling him it’s fairly normal to try to nail girls in
your car. If you want to get really adventurous public
parks or beaches are an option.

It’s a bit more dangerous, but the majority of girls
have done it.

(Remember how crazy sexual women are!)

Anyway, we were not talking particularly loud, just
normal volume. But I guess this lady didn’t like the
advice, so she stood up from her table and said “You 2
guys shouldn’t listen to him, this advice is….” or
something to that effect.

I didn’t even let her finish her sentence.

I said loudly “HEY LADY,FUCK OFF.” And gave her the

She was totally caught off guard and said “What?” And I
said “FUCK OFF” and gave her 2 middle fingers.

She looked around for someone to help her, but the old
guy she had been sitting with just stared at her and did
nothing. Again she says “What??” and looked really
confused, so I said it one more time…

…”Lady, you better FUCK OFF!”

She walked away muttering. She asked the manager to
throw us out. The manager said no, and she was gone. I
did not see her again. The old man she was with stayed
at their table and was completely silent. He didn’t seem
to care at all what had happened.

My students looked a bit nervous, they were not used to
confrontation I guess.

Me, I went right back to making my point about fucking
girls in your car or at the park.

That’s my demonstration for how it’s done.

Now here’s my opinion on confrontation:

It can be a waste of time so I don’t go looking for it.

I don’t get into other people’s business or try to
“right all the wrongs in the world.”

You shouldn’t either.

But if someone is trying to bully me or do something I
don’t like I am one million percent comfortable getting
in a confrontation with them.

Verbal or physical.

I don’t really know how to fight honestly, but I will be
glad to give it a try. I haven’t been in a fight since
8th grade and in 5000 approaches never once has a guy
tried to fight me, but I’m willing if the need arises.

Verbal confrontation is really easy since most people
are PETRIFIED by any kind of confrontation. 99% of
people back down instantly. In this case the old lady
started the trouble but it still overloaded her circuits
when I fought back.

We live in a wimpy world and almost everyone out there
is a total pussy, so confrontation is your FRIEND more
than your enemy.

Read that again, confrontation is your FRIEND. Not your

In my situation, she had no right to butt in, she had
far lower value than me, and her opinion was completely

People don’t pay thousands of dollars a day to a guy who
gives “bad advice” so I felt totally comfortable cutting
her short and telling her to fuck off.

This quickly ended the interaction so I could get back
to teaching.

“Fuck girls in your car” is basically the best advice
ever IMO, I wouldn’t want to let anyone stand in the way
of that.

But that’s a subject for another newsletter!

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS. – You want direct access to me without paying
thousands or getting into confrontations?

You need to go here right now.