The Power of Ignoring Hot Women

Fri, 17/03/2017

If I could give you one high status move that will put
above all other guys in the eyes of a hot woman it would
be this:

Ignore her beauty.

Just ignore it. Don’t acknowledge it. It doesn’t

When you do this one thing, you flip the script and take
away all the power that most men hand to her freely.

9’s and 10’s are accustomed to men treated them
differently because they’re hot. It’s totally normal
for them to have guys want to bone them without knowing
anything about them.

That’s kind of a shame actually.

You see, unlike 99% of guys, I’m not genuinely attracted
to ANY woman until I’ve already talked to her for a

I’ve fucked enough super hot women to know that many of
them are actually UNDESIRABLE (for reasons other than
their looks).

So if you’re a guy who sees a woman and starts feeling
all kinds of emotions for her before even talking to

…Stop right there.

You MUST evaluate a woman on more than just looks…

Because if you can resist the urge to put her on a
pedestal right away, it will solve a lot of your
self-confidence issues INSTANTLY.

Here’s how I tackle it…

In my mind, before approaching a woman, I feel that I’m
walking into an unknown situation. I have no idea if
she’s an amazing person… or a complete disaster.

My intention is to run her through a series of
conversational tests where she’ll be FORCED to show her
true colors as fast as possible.

Once I’ve gathered this information I’ll know if she has
what I’m looking for. Then I’ll decide if I like her or
not, and if I want to take it further.

I’m in full control from start to finish.

This process has served me well for years, it’ll work
for you too.

All you need to do is DO IT.

Especially when you use the methods I outline in my
Black Book Method. This “one-of-kind field manual” is
the most foolproof way of talking to women you’ll
ever find.

Inside, there’s an abundance of proven methods to start
a conversation. Then you’ll be able to decide if it’s
worth the effort to get to know her better.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.