Strange Trick to Become Fearless

Sun, 25/06/2017

It’s no secret that fear can mess you up with women…

Whether it’s the fear of talking to a hot girl you see,
the fear of saying something bold that might get you
rejected… or the fear of making your move when she’s
back at your place…

Fear is definitely not your friend!

But there’s another way that fear hurts you, and you’ll
be shocked by how.

As it turns out, there’s a direct connection between
anxiety and STATUS…

In a recent study, Swiss scientists used laboratory mice
to identify how levels of stress inherent to personality
or trait-anxiety can affect one’s competitiveness.

To perform their experiment, a common vitamin was
administered which affects a part of the brain, nucleus
accumbens, that has been related to motivation, reward
and depression. It also notably reduced energy
metabolism in those highly anxious rats.

But this is where it gets interesting…

In one test, they matched high-anxiety rats with the
ones with low-anxiety level and they were brought to
competitive situations. As a result, those who were more
anxious were less competitive when matched with a more
confident rat. Thus, highly anxious rats were less
motivated to compete.

The study, which was published Journal Proceedings of
the National Academy of Science, by neuroscientists at
Brain Mind Institute in Ecole Polytechnique Federale de
Lausanne (EPFL) ultimately found that chronic anxiety
ultimately leads to lower social status.

What Does This Mean for You?

Well, it’s not just your fears with women-but also your
level of stress and anxiety in your daily life that may
be harming you.

Do you like your job or does it kill you to go to work?
How happy are your family relationships?

Do you regularly take time to relax and unwind in deeper

Do you feel your mind racing all the time?

How would you rate your daily stress or anxiety level?

These are important questions, because daily stress and
anxiety could be weakening you-and leading to feeling
like you are “beneath” others and hurting your chances
with women.

So do you want to know what the best way is to reduce


And I know it sounds strange to hear this from me.

Meditation used to be this weird, fringe thing that
everybody thought was “woo woo” and now it’s often the
#1 habit people who want to develop…

Not to mention backed by hundreds of studies showing its
ability to reduce stress, lower anxiety and favorably
impact your body and mind in countless ways.

The truth is, you can do just 1-3 minutes and see
results, and as with anything: you’ll find it easier to
do more if you make it easy in the beginning.

So I encourage you: next time you feel stressed, try
counting your breath-inhale to four, exhale to four,
pause for four seconds… and repeat.

Or close your eyes and visualize something positive for
a few minutes to shift your focus.

It’s not hard, and lays the foundation for great

…And might just lead to higher social status 🙂

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – And as a compliment to that, you really might want
to work on your Inner Game to defeat fear and stomp
out any kind of beta behavior.

A guy who truly has this down can have shitty game and
still get laid!