Knock Her Off that Pedestal

Sat, 05/08/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

I just got done straightening out yet another client who was totally blinded by some girls good looks.

I had to remind him, as gently as I could, to put his big boy pants on and stop putting this girl on a fucking pedestal just because God randomly endowed her with amazing genetics.

This is so, so hard for a lot of guys. We are visually stimulated and when girls got it, we lose our common sense and give away our power.


I used to have the exact same frustration.

…And there’s only one way around it that I know:

Don’t approach one woman and call it a day…

… Approach 10 so you get some practice.

Only with practice will you see improvement.

This is the reality that frustrates a lot of guys. If you want to approach women and have amazing interactions that lead to sex, expect it to take some repetition.

The first 3 don’t count; it’s just warm up.

(Kind of like when you’re warming up to pitch nine innings. Your first several pitches probably suck. Perfectly natural.)

…So don’t worry about the warm ups!

And be sure to approach hot girls, average girls, and in between- so you get more practice.

The problem that my client, Aidan, was having was that he was going out, finding the hottest girl, approaching, getting rejected, and giving up for the night.

That’s not the way to do it.

You should still approach the hottest girl, but she should be approach #4 of 10, so you get warmed up first.

And here’s a more advanced idea:

When you do this enough, you start to get immune to beauty.

You see beautiful girls so much that is just doesn’t matter anymore.

It’s the same way that you get used to anything after you’ve been exposed to it repeatedly.

And that’s when you have all the power.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – Even with warms ups, you need to know how to swing.

If you don’t know exactly how you’re going to approach and build attraction, then you need to watch this video right now:

How to kick rejection in the ass and turn it around…

Thu, 27/07/2017

Hey it’s Brad,

A buddy of mine just suffered a fate worse than death.

His name is Aaron and he’s done coaching with me off and on over the years.

Under my guidance, over the years, he’s had some pretty stellar lays. A couple of decent relationships even came out of it.

But like a lot of guys, he has a pretty serious aversion to the pain of rejection.

It’s a common problem.

To listen to Aaron tell it, getting flat out rejected by a woman is the worst thing that can ever happen to you.

Absolutely untrue.

I say rejection saves you TIME.

When you’re gaming women time is a precious commodity.

Rejection is your friend.

Well, Aaron avoided it.

Here’s the story:

There was this perfect 10 with a girl-next-door attitude in his circle of friends and he let himself get hung up on her based on her looks, which is a huge no-no.

What happened is he became afraid to screw it up, so he didn’t game her properly.

And so he opened the door to something far worse:

He got doomed to the dreaded FRIENDZONE.

It’s the most agonizing, painful feeling a guy can suffer.

It destroys your life slowly when you fall in it…

And you spend months or years being misled and taken advantage of by the girl.

(Plus you’re throwing away opportunities for sex with new women because your time is being taken up by this “female friend.”)

Aaron’s friend Tracy wasn’t a cruel girl. But he didn’t make himself a sexual threat and before you know it she’s talking to him about other guys.

It made him sick. It should make him feel sick.

That’s what happens when fear takes over. And you know what?

– He knew better. That’s why he waited so long to call me. He knew he’d get an earful.

Make sure this never happens to you.

Here’s my tip for the day on how to do that:

Force every girl you talk to into either becoming attracted to you or rejecting you… in 3 minutes or less.

This is exactly what I do. And I’ve gotten laid literally hundreds of times from it.

So consider this…

The friend zone is more destructive to your life than rejection could ever be.

Rejection is harmless.

There are ZERO repercussions.

And no one is keeping a permanent record of how many times women reject you.

So every time you start talking to a new woman it’s a clean slate. Even if you got rejected 10 times that night, it wouldn’t matter.

But if this advice is making you uncomfortable, let me tell you why:

Other “experts” prey on your gullibility by teaching you to “avoid rejection” while I teach you to CAPITALIZE on rejection.

This is why I like to say rejection is a gift from God.

It’s the mechanism you can use to avoid the friend zone, and get 10 times more sex than guys who focus on avoiding rejection.

And another huge benefit of being okay with rejection is this…

Women can tell when you’re scared of rejection and it makes their pussy dry up. But when you seem fearless, like you could take it or leave it, they start drooling and imagining getting fucked hard by you.

Do you want the formula to be fearless and get that pussy?

I’ve got the secret right here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

Fucking her brains out by 11:00…

Sun, 09/07/2017

My clients are winners. Fucking love you guys! (In a
non-weird way…)

Today I’m sharing a success story from a guy who shares
an easy move to get girls back to his place:



I have to thank you for helping me get my mojo back. I’m
31 and recently life has been getting in the way of my
good time. I stumbled on to your web site about a month
ago, and have been breathing new life since.

I have been running game since I was about 22 without
even realizing it. At my best I was pretty good and it
all came naturally since I put no thought or conscious
preparation into my game. But lately I have been stale.

Your thoughts and views run pretty parallel to my own
and you have served as a wake up. Its like a younger,
hungrier version of myself is telling me how lame I’ve
let myself become.

You’ll be happy to know I just finished Black Book
Method and notched up a hot chick.

Met her on the beach around 1pm and was fucking her
brains out around 11pm.

On a side note…. I have a good plan for getting chicks
back to your place. Caipirinhas!

Keep a bottle of Cachaca at your place and learn how to
make this drink… It works like a charm and women love

Brad keep it up, you are doing god’s work!



My thoughts:

Awesome. It seems like he just needed a nudge to put
himself out there. Even if you don’t know anything about
game, simply doing a single approach will automatically
put you closer to success than doing NOTHING.

Now there is nothing “wrong” with most of the guys I
meet. They have their hobbies, a decent job, funny
friends, and aren’t horribly disfigured. But when they
start talking to girls I instantly know that something
is missing: they have zero game.

They don’t know how to talk to a girl. They don’t know
how to touch them. They don’t know how attraction works.
They don’t know that smiling constantly weakens their
cause, and they definitely don’t know how to escalate
the encounter to intimacy.

Here’s why:

While some guys were failing out of college while
partying and getting laid, other guys were putting most
of their free time into their studies or work. They
didn’t learn how to interact with girls and they
definitely didn’t do the practice necessary to get good.

The result of that is that today there are millions of
guys approaching 30 who have no idea how to consistently
pick up girls. They’ve given up without even trying.

I consider myself lucky that I stumbled on game when I
was “young” at 24. Right out of college I started
completely fresh in the bars and clubs of New York City.

I went a little crazy and with a little guidance from
experts, laid down a methodology and a philosophy that
has gotten me and thousands of my clients laid,
constantly, ever since.

If you’re just starting out, I think studying my Black
Book Method will help.

You can learn all about it here.

Talk soon,

Brad P.