Diary of a Pickup Artist

Somewhere in this world, there is a
beautiful woman,
in the flower of her youth,
just waiting to meet her perfect man.

Only then can she express the love and sexuality she’s been holding in since she was a little girl. This man could be you. When you are around her, every cell in her body will glow with white hot passion for you.

There was a time only a few years ago when I had given up this dream. I thought it was something that only happens in movies and that I should just forget it. I had gotten plenty of dating advice from people and it just never seemed to get me anywhere.

All I knew was that I had always been a nerd, and it seemed like I always would be a nerd. Why would a beautiful woman like that want to be with a geek like me? I was getting more and more hopeless with each passing day.

All the dating advice I got from people seemed to make sense, I even checked out a few books on the topic, but I saw absolutely zero improvement. That’s when I started to look for something more.

What I discovered was this: “advice” in any subject can only get you so far. Once you receive the advice, the “advice giver” usually ditches you, and then you have no way of knowing how to use the advice and no one to help you if the advice doesn’t work.

So I went through a period of several years where I was seeking knowledge from the world’s greatest seducers, learning along side them, reading and applying, and after a while I became very proficient with women.

In fact, I even met the perfect beautiful woman, in the flower of her youth, who put everything in the world aside just to give me her unconditional love.

Now that I’ve become a self help professional, I’ve helped many students go through the same learning experience as I had, and get the same results.

You might be asking “What is that process?” I call it Dating Education.

It’s sort of like going to college. You read, you study, you apply, and you achieve a level of mastery.

I’m Brad P. and I’ve got over 13 years of experience as a professional educator. I’ve been a social worker, a basketball coach, a guitar teacher, and I’ve worked as a counselor for children with cancer and adults with psychiatric disorders. I even became a professional pickup artist and went from being a complete unknown to being ranked the #1 Pickup Artist in the world, a title previously held by a TV star and a famous author.

I’ve channeled the spirit of every great coach and teacher I’ve ever learned under into my new system of Dating Education.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about what’s in it for you.

If you read my free ebook, and apply the lessons from the users users guide, you will have an unfair advantage over every other guy who is trying to meet women.

The best way to start is by us getting to know each other. Let me send you a free copy of my book, Diary of a Pickup Artist. I’ll also be sending you a free user’s guide for this book that will help you translate the information into results.