Geeks Get Girls

I Hereby Invite You Into a Private World,
The World of My Students

They have spent nights sulking alone, unable to acquire the company and companionship that is every man’s birthright.

Some have spent years in solitude, with so many words to say, but not enough courage to say them.

They come to me from far away places, and with them they bring hopes and dreams more vast than the oceans they traversed to learn from me.

Some have endured countless rejections, but other have endured something far worse: Fearful Paralysis. Inaction. Expressionlessness. Silently sitting alone while their dreams walk right by in high heels and eyeliner.

Over the past 5 years I’ve given them every ounce of emotion, intelligence, and compassion I have. My greatest reward is an end to their loneliness.

Join me now as we explore their world and share their experiences.

These are the exact words of 100+ Brad P. students. Unfiltered. Unedited.

They have embarked on an inspirational journey, defying their own fears, social programming, and the self doubt that has kept them stifled for years. Their journey is my legacy. Their success is the only measure of my success.

Take this book and read it, I ask nothing in return except that you tell others what you’ve read.