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After years of teaching both students and other dating experts alike, Brad P. has chosen to select only the best for his coaching staff.

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Brad P - Los Angeles Brad P. is the creator and visionary of the Underground Dating Seminar and the 30/30 Club. Brad's teaching style comes from 5 years of being a social worker and 3 years of being a basketball coach. He has traveled all over the USA and Canada dating the most beautiful women imaginable. After learning the game from some of the greatest naturals in the world, Brad developed the UDS curriculum in 2005 and has been helping men all over the world improve their love-lives.

Ben Hook - New York City Hook, a swashbuckler of sorts, has limited eyesight with vision in his eye being warped. Hook was just your average engineering geek, who didn't lose his virginity until he was 18. After a great year in our 30/30 Club and a bit of coaching and guidance, Hook is now absolutely fearless with women! He makes meeting women fun and enjoyable. Driven, creative and just down-to-earth, Hook is an exciting coach for Brad's east coast students to work with.

Coach Drew - New York City Drew is your typical computer nerd. Always labeled as the "nice guy" and couldn't even score a prom date. Drew is one of the original guys from Brad's old pizza shop talks from 2005. Drew has since went on to coach 30/30 Club, teach workshops alongside Brad P. as well as coach students in our Pickup Mansion program.

Coach Nola - New Orleans Based out of New Orleans, Nola was one of the first students to complete Brad's 30/30 Club in 2010. Nola is a competitive dancer, with over ten years of dedicated and disciplined experience. As a student, Nola scored a coveted threesome within his first 30 days of learning Brad's material. He has gone on to picking up scores of women, including college girls, cougars and nailing regular one night stands. Nola is a fun and positive coach. He likes seeing students get results by having a great time meeting women. Nola isn't just our New Orleans instructor. He is available for coaching with students throughout the US.

Ben LeFors - Online Dating Expert Hailing from the Mid West, Ben is the author of our book on online dating and works directly with students around the globe. Ben has coached students on how to effectively write attractive online profiles, select the best photos and even how to follow up after getting the phone number. Ben is available for coaching via phone or Skype.

John K. - London / Europe John is our European Coach, based out of London. When John attended his first workshop, he was overweight and had virtually no social skills. Being a full time medical student and working towards becoming a doctor, John is a very bright individual with an exceptional amount of self motivation and dedication. Pushing himself seven days a week, John went on to not only mastering pickup, but mastering martial arts, taking control of his health and fitness and becoming an all-star Online Coach for Brad's 30/30 Club program. With over 30 lay reports during the course of his 30/30 Club training, direct coaching and guidance from Brad P. and a very positive attitude, John is a great role model and coach for students who are ready to make a change in their lives today.

Dale P. - Australia Dale P. has been through all Brad P's programs, including 2 Workshops and the 30/30 Club. Dale is a master coach on the 30/30 Forum, and has helped hundreds of guys improve their game. Dale's background as a trainer in the Australian military has made him into an expert coach, and he has recently joined Brad P's team of trainers. If you're in Australia and you are looking to improve your game, Dale can teach you to implement any Brad P. technique you'd like to learn.

Raijn - Australia Raijn has done it all! In 2010, Raijn began his coaching through our 30/30 Club program while living in Australia. After much success already, Raijn continued to work privately with personal coaching from our Brad P. team, which inevitably led him to living a full year in Los Angeles at our program located in Hollywood! Over the course of a full year, Raijn has learned to comprehend not only how to approach and achieve amazing success with women, but he had to learn outside of his comfort zone while in a new city and country. Raijn is a man of determination and effort. Raijn's even penetrated the red carpet movie primeres, high profile parties throughout Hollywood and even partied it up at the Playboy Mansion.

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