Dot Com Desire / Online Spark

“I’m 63, and the other day I got a beautiful 26 year old with huge tits.

I used your technique and she couldn’t keep her hands off me.

Other people were staring because she was a perfect 10 and I don’t think they expected to see her with a man more than twice her age.

She gave me her number and I can’t wait until I see her next!”.


Ben O

Dot Com Desire / Online Spark

I LOVE the 3rd message because it’s a great tool to filter the cool chicks from the crazy ones.

The way they answer the question tells me if they have problems respecting me (or themselves) in which case I’m not interested because this program is giving me tons of options.


Will T

Dot Com Desire / Online Spark

“I was a super shy guy that would freeze up or say the wrong thing when I was talking to a hot woman.

So I tried online dating and made sure to be nice to women and give compliments but I never got any messages back.
Then I started using your system. Now my messages are easier to write and they’re getting a response almost all the time.

I have three email accounts and if you didn’t know any better you would think I was a porn star or a man whore.
It’s almost like I need a personal assistant just to reply to all the messages I get now, because it’s way out of control!
You rock Brad, Keep up the good work.”



Dot Com Desire / Online Spark

”Recently I started to use your techniques on one of the sites you mention.

I am now dating an ex fetish porn star who calls her friends to party with us. To say the least I hit the jackpot.”



Dot Com Desire / Online Spark

“Within the first few weeks, I managed to sleep 4 gorgeous women…one who was 15 years younger than me!”



Dot Com Desire / Online Spark

I've been using it for a little over two weeks and have already gone on ten dates, three of which ended in sex. One girl even said I was “marriage material”, but I’m keeping things casual right now.



Black Book Method

I grew up on a small farm town isolated from people.
I never had a girlfriend in high school or college, went to prom stag, got my first kiss at 21, and lost the virginity in my mid twenties.
Needless to say I wasn't the biggest hit with the ladies.
Since getting Brad's Black Book though that's changed.
For example, last week I was at a bar where this hot DJ was playing.
She was a 9 with blonde hair and a super tight body.
Most guys would be too scared to approach her because she's busy but with Brad's techniques I'm not really scared of rejection at all any more.
So I step up right next to her in the DJ area and use some of his techniques on her.
She would leave me at times to cue up the next song and after the third time of doing this, she gave me her number and told me to call her tomorrow!
The best part is I’d seen her tell other guys to fuck off after about 20 seconds so I know she wasn’t bullshitting me.
Thanks Brad!


Grey Goose

Black Book Method

After looking at your black book, I was pretty skeptical.
In fact, I expected to fail spectacularly just like I always had when it came to women.
But it actually worked great for me!
I used it when I was out at a bar and was floored with how easy it was to get girls into me.
I was having a great time laughing and joking with them and I could see other guys getting really jealous.
It was hilarious.
Getting laid was the icing on the cake.
In case you want to put this on your website or something, I also want to say this to anyone reading this:
I realize now I was making things so much harder than they had to be.
Brad's methods are easy and basically fool-proof.
My confidence has gone through the roof and I feel better than I have in years.
Trust me – this is something you really want to get.


Dylan McKay

Fashion Bible

“Your Fashion Bible has literally saved me from spending over a thousand dollars in clothing that doesn’t really match my identity.
Did I mention that I’m getting women to approach and compliment me on my clothing all the time? ”


Anthony, from Charlotte, North Carolina

Fashion Bible

Before Brad's Fashion Bible, I was effectively brown wallpaper to women.
I hadn't been laid in years.
I found it really hard to get attraction and no girls were after me.
After Brad's Fashion Bible, I meet an amazing girl that I click with every night I go out.
I recently had sex with my first bonafide 9.
Girls eye me all the time.
Sets open easier. Girls hook easier.
Guys are a little intimidated so male cockblocks are WAY less of an issue now.
Life’s a lot better.”


Student “James Spader”

Fashion Bible

”I got so many compliments – some girls even approached ME, because they liked my style.Furthermore my approaches started to go really well and I notice a lot a girls eyeing me, which feels really great.”


Julian P

Fashion Bible

Two years ago, I personally had no fashion sense.
The fashion industry was a jumbled mess that took me hours and days of my life and thousands of dollars before I figured it out…
And that was only with the lucky help of a girlfriend who was a fashion editor.
I know how hard it can be to figure this stuff out as your average straight guy.
And that's the beauty of this guide…
Brad lays it out so clearly, with detailed pictures and step by step guidelines, in a way designed to
empower the reader."


Sebastian Drake, from

30-30 Club

“His students are among the best I’ve seen.”


Savoy, The Mystery Method

30-30 Club

“Brad P. is the real deal – a pick up coach who’s getting consistent results out in the field. His direction is specific, detailed, and effective – I know I had fun trying out his techniques.”


Lance Mason,

30-30 Club

“Brad P is amazing. He is a master at rapport and at connecting with women. More importantly, he is able to convey those skills to others. He has methods that work and that are tailorable to anyone’s unique personality.”


David Shade,

30-30 Club

“A friend of mine kept raving about Brad P’s stuff, and I was a little reluctant to listen to it because most stuff is garbage. Within SECONDS of hearing him, I knew right off the bat that this guy is an absolute master. There are maybe five people in the community who are actually what they claim to be and Brad P is definitely one of them. I think you would be doing a big disservice to yourself if you didn’t use him as a resource to get your game to where it deserves to be.”


Geoff, Real Social Dynamics

30-30 Club

“Brad P is one of the best dating coaches around, a true original.”


Eric Monse,

30-30 Club

“I Almost Laid Two Chicks at Once BUT…”


Brad, just reading your stuff has made me bolder and ballsier. In fact, I almost laid two chicks at the same time last weekend—my approach consisted of yelling at them as they stopped at the light. The only reason it didn’t happen was that one of the girl’s fiancée came home! (She forgot to tell me about him.) I had to run out the back. You rock. I’ve learned more from a couple of your books than all the other “expert” advice combined.


Irvine, CA

30-30 Club



As an attractive, intelligent, successful woman, you’ll probably shocked to know how fascinated and intrigued I was by your material. Especially the Adventures of Brad P book! I even found myself getting turned on as I read it. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true. You’re so sexual, so bold and dominant, and not to mention f#@$% hilarious, I wish there were more men out there like you. You are doing all the guys out there a huge favor.


Santa Monica, CA

30-30 Club

Finally, I Can Control My Success With Women


I’m the lead singer in a local rock band, and I do okay with women right now. But honestly, your books have opened my eyes to insane potential I have. I realize that I’ve been laid mostly by luck or accident—but now I understand how to actually control the process. I especially love what you teach about “endgame logistics”—because I’ve lost so many women that way and I never knew what to do about it. Now I know. That’s half the battle, right? Thanks Brad.


Marina Del Rey, CA

30-30 Club

He Made Out with a Girl in 30 Seconds!


There’s no question that Brad has some serious skill. I saw him take over a seated 10 set Bachelorette party and have them laughing and totally under his control. When I botched one of my own sets, he came in and winged for me, and helped me salvage it by holding two extremely hostile girls while I number closed their friend.
But the highlight of the night came when he showed the power of recognizing and tapping into buying temperature first hand. Right in front of me, he made eye contact with a girl, and within 30 seconds, was making out with her. This is 100% true, and was the fastest make out I have ever witnessed. Apparently, after the hour long end of the night breakdown he held with all of the students, he finished the job.



30-30 Club

Even Rejection Is Fun With Brad’s Material!


I have to admit, I bombed a few times, but with Brad P’s material, it’s almost fun to get blown out. Try walking up to a girl and saying, “Hey, did we sleep together last weekend,” and have her run off with a shocked look on her face. It’s a blast.
Plus, it’s nice to know that he wants us to improve ourselves, not just our abilities with women. It was easy to feel that he actually cares for people, not just the money they pay him.



30-30 Club

“Always Practical, Amazing Teacher.”


Brad’s an amazing teacher. I learned about body language stuff that I was doing wrong that I didn’t even realize and showed me how I misapplied certain techniques. I also discovered some inner game and identity concepts that were really helpful. Not corny shit like, “I see the pimp inside you man.” Just good, always practical advice about constructing an identity and standing in a set like you DESERVE to be there.



30-30 Club

“Scored a Makeout Within Like 10 Minutes!”


Brad showed me some openers and some in-venue tactics like his crazy dance numbers. I immediately wanted to try the dance stuff because the last venue we were in was loud as hell and opening with only your voice wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to be. I hit the dance floor and tried mimicking Brad as best as I could. I’ve gotten to the point where I stopped caring if I look retarded doing this shit. I’m into rock and I was bumping and grinding to hip hop, something I never thought I’d do. It paid off, I scored a makeout within like 10 min by hooking this tight Asian girl. I number closed when the tit sucking and hair pulling was over with.


Mike , NYC

30-30 Club

“The Real Deal.”


Brad proved himself by # closing a very sexy HB. As has been said by others, Brad P is the real deal. He comes in under the radar and has girls hooked on him instantly. He makes up openers on the fly and showed us how easy it can be to use the environment to your advantage.


J Prince

30-30 Club

This Guy Is a Pioneer


Another thing to note about Brad P is that he pioneered much of his material himself. He is not just a product of the community, most of his development was done independently from the community at large, although he has since adopted and adapted many aspects and tactics that are commonly used in the community. There is not a question he can’t handle, from openers to maintaining relationships and I would highly recommend him to anyone out there who wants to get their game in action.



30-30 Club

”Dedicating to Helping Us All.”


All in all Brad is the real deal and is dedicated to helping us all in our search. The man is a powerhouse of knowledge and deserves to be up there with the best of them! He has changed me forever.



30-30 Club

“Outrageous! Highly Recommended.”


Thanks to you, I’m ready to go out and have fun playing the game, pressing reset, and being fun, outrageous and audacious. I’m glad that the first live speaker I’ve seen in my education in the PU community has been you, who’s been a stand-up guy all the way and an excellent teacher. Highly recommended.



30-30 Club

“Enjoying Myself A LOT More!”


Since learning from Brad, I have used the dancing stuff a great deal; I have incorporated a lot more sexual talk, which was a big sticking point for me; and I have done a somewhat better job of establishing my identity. I have been using takeaways a lot more. Overall, I have definitely seen a marked improvement in the aspects of my game that I wanted to focus on. I’m enjoying pickup now a lot more than I was a few months ago, and some of that is because of the fun stuff that I learned from Brad P. Arguably that’s been the most important thing in the end… because the more I enjoy it, the more Ido it, and the better I get!



30-30 Club

“Worth Every Cent (And More)!”


First of all, I will say this much: Brad P is worth every cent (and more) than he charges for his services.
He’s more than willing and able to put himself out there in the field, in front of his students. To see him use the very same routines and techniques that he teaches is a real treat, and an inspiration. He’s also willing to change things around, adapting his teaching strategy to what he feels would best fit your individual needs. Thanks Brad, you’ve made a friend for life.


Angel Face

30-30 Club

“Money Well Spent.”


All in all, it was money well spent and Brad P is legitimately the real deal. He can pull off anything he teaches, but will not pull and sacrifice the quality of his teaching for anything, even to get laid. I highly recommend working with him if you want to improve your game.


Richie Rich

30-30 Club

“Great News… She Spent the Weekend With Me!”


Great news, Brad! Got my first lay directly related to learning from you. Great chick. Met her at B&N at Union Square. I believe Hyper was with me. She drove down from Pittsburgh and spent the weekend with me. I opened her simply by telling how unbelievably cute she was.
More details to follow when I get time. BE sure to tell Glenn.